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TMCNet:  Machine to Machine (M2M) Applications in the Cloud

[November 28, 2012]

Machine to Machine (M2M) Applications in the Cloud

NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Machine to Machine (M2M) Applications in the Cloud http://www.reportlinker.com/p01047699/Machine-to-Machine-M2M-Applications-in-the-Cloud.html#utm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=IT_Services Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications has brought the concept of connected devices to a whole new level, targeting virtual every sphere of human endeavor including government, defense, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, retail, smartgrid, extraction industries, and more. M2M in the cloud will amplify the implementation significantly, allow for significant efficiency improvements, and optimal operational effectiveness.

This research evaluates the current state and future prospects of M2M in the cloud. The report addresses business opportunities for M2M applications in many key industry sectors. The report includes analysis of mobile network operator M2M deployments and positioning relative to the cloud. This research also includes analysis of major M2M vendors. This report will enable the reader to understand the technologies and critical integration and operational issues. This report is a must for anyone with a vested interest specifically in M2M cloud integration and/or operations as well as anyone that needs to better understand the factors driving cost reduction, performance and effectiveness improvements for M2M based services.

Target Audience: Cloud service providers 2M services companies Mobile network operators M2M application developers M2M infrastructure providers H30 Table of Contents: 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5 2.0 INTRODUCTION 6 3.0 SECTION I - WHAT IS THE "CLOUD" 9 3.1 CHARACTERISTICS 10 3.2 BACKGROUND 11 3.3 ADOPTION 12 3.4 STRATEGIC FIT FOR CLOUD ADOPTION 12 3.5 PRESENT STATUS 13 3.6 CURRENT ISSUES 14 4.0 SECTION II -M2M AND CLOUD INTEGRATION 16 4.1 APPLICATION BENEFITS OF M2M USING CLOUD 17 4.2 ANALYSIS 20 4.3 FUTURE PROSPECTS WITH CLOUD 21 5.0 SECTION III -AMR IN THE CLOUD 24 5.1 APPLICATION PERSPECTIVE 24 5.2 PRESENT SCENARIO 25 5.3 FUTURE APPLICATIONS 27 5.4 COMPANY ANALYSIS 28 5.4.1 COMPANY- BACSOFT 29 5.4.2 COMPANY - DATAMATIC 29 5.4.3 COMPANY - SENSUS 30 5.5 CASE STUDY 31 5.5.1 QUALITY LOG MONITORING - BACSOFT 31 5.5.2 WATER DISTRICT GOES WIRELESS AND LEAD-FREE - SENSUS 32 6.0 SECTION V - M2M AND TELECOM IN THE CLOUD 34 6.1 APPLICATION PERSPECTIVE 35 6.2 PRESENT SCENARIO 36 6.3 FUTURE APPLICATIONS 39 7.0 SECTION VI - M2M MONITORING IN THE CLOUD 42 7.1 APPLICATION PERSPECTIVE 43 7.2 PRESENT SCENARIO 44 7.3 FUTURE APPLICATIONS 47 7.4 COMPANY ANALYSIS 49 7.4.1 COMPANY - AIRIQ 49 7.4.2 COMPANY - KORE TELEMATICS 51 7.4.3 COMPANY - SENSORLOGIC 51 7.5 CASE STUDY 52 7.5.1 CASE STUDY - EXMOBABY SMART GARMENTS 52 7.5.2 CASE STUDY - UNIFIED DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS 54 8.0 SECTION VIII -SMART HOME APPLICATIONS IN THE CLOUD 56 8.1 APPLICATION PERSPECTIVE 57 8.2 PRESENT SCENARIO 59 8.3 FUTURE APPLICATIONS 60 8.4 COMPANY ANALYSIS 62 8.4.1 COMPANY - MARVELL 62 8.4.2 COMPANY - ARTISTIC 63 8.4.3 COMPANY - SMARTHOME SOLUTIONS, INC. 63 8.5 CASE STUDY 64 8.5.1 CASE STUDY - AVSYNERGY SMART HOME SOLUTION 64 8.5.2 WATER-EFFICIENT FEATURES FOR HOUSING 65 9.0 SECTION IX - M2M IN CLOUD - FRAMEWORKS 67 9.1 SIERRA WIRELESS - M2M APPLICATION FRAMEWORK 69 9.2 AXEDA - M2M CLOUD INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK 71 9.3 TRIDIUM - M2M INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK: NIAGRA 73 9.4 NGMN - WIRELESS M2M FRAMEWORK 74 9.5 ANALYSIS OF CLOUD FRAMEWORKS FOR M2M 76 9.6 LEGAL ISSUES IN M2M CLOUD APPLICATIONS/SOLUTIONS 78 9.7 SECURITY ISSUES IN M2M CLOUD APPLICATIONS/SOLUTIONS 80 10.0 COMPANY ANALYSIS 83 10.1 AT&T 83 10.1.1 OPERATION OVERVIEW 83 10.1.2 NOTABLE M2M PARTNERSHIPS ANALYSIS 84 10.2 VERIZON 86 10.2.1 OPERATION OVERVIEW 86 10.2.2 NOTABLE M2M PARTNERSHIPS ANALYSIS 87 10.2.3 M2M DOMAINS OWNERSHIP 88 10.3 TELEFONICA 89 10.3.1 OPERATION OVERVIEW 89 10.3.2 NOTABLE M2M PARTNERSHIPS ANALYSIS 91 10.3.3 M2M DOMAINS OWNERSHIP 92 10.4 TELENOR 93 10.4.1 OPERATION OVERVIEW 93 10.4.2 NOTABLE M2M PARTNERSHIPS ANALYSIS 94 10.4.3 M2M DOMAINS OWNERSHIP 95 10.5 SPRINT 96 10.5.1 OPERATION OVERVIEW 97 10.5.2 NOTABLE M2M PARTNERSHIPS ANALYSIS 98 10.5.3 M2M DOMAINS OWNERSHIP 99 11.0 SECTION X - M2M IN CLOUD - THE ROAD AHEAD 100 11.1 TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS 101 11.2 SUBSCRIPTION & SERVICES 102 11.3 IPTV & CLOUD 103 11.4 GAMING & M2M CLOUD 104 11.5 NFC & M2M CLOUD 106 11.5.1 M2M CLOUD & SMART HOMES 108 12.0 SECTION XI - M2M IN CLOUD CONCLUSIONS 111 12.1 CONCLUSIONS 111 List of Figures Figure 1 - The M2M Cloud 9 Figure 2 - Prioritize Cloud Application and Services 20 Figure 3 - The Exmobaby Suit 53 Figure 4 - Average Daily Time Usage 57 Figure 5 - Sierra M2M Framework 69 Figure 6 Axeda M2M Framework 71 Figure 7 -AT&T Partnership overview 84 Figure 8 - AT&T Domain Ownership 85 Figure 9 Verizon Partnership Overview 87 Figure 10 - Verizon Domain Overview 88 Figure 11-Telefonica Partnership Overview 91 Figure 12 - Telefonica domain overview 92 Figure 13 - Telenor Partnership Overview 94 Figure 14Telenor Domain Overview 95 Figure 15 Sprint Partnership Overview 98 Figure 16 Sprint Domain Overview 99 To order this report: IT_Services Industry: Machine to Machine (M2M) Applications in the Cloud Contact Nicolas: nicolasbombourg@reportlinker.comUS: (805)-652-2626Intl: +1 805-652-2626 SOURCE Reportlinker

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