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Airlines Achieve Unprecedented 100 Percent Customer Satisfaction Thanks to WebRTC

April 01, 2015

In what has to be a first on almost any front for any vertical market, customer experiencing benchmarking company XYZ Research has reported that the U.S. airlines achieved 100 percent customer satisfaction for the month of March.  It appears this amazing success is directly attributable to airline adoption of omnichannel interactions based on WebRTC.

Based on a survey of over 50,000 frequent flyers and self-reporting by U.S. airlines, XYZ found the following:

  • Call holding times at airline contact centers in March were less than 30 seconds.
  • First contact resolution of customer inquires regardless of channel used to initiate contact—call, text, chat and video—were an astounding 100 percent.

In recognition of the achievement, all major U.S. airlines have decided to waive baggage fees for the month of April and have given frequent flyers a 15,000 miles credit in mileage programs. 

Speaking on behalf of the Air Transport Association of America, spokesperson John Dough stated: “This is a remarkable milestone for our members. It is a testament to the incredible responsiveness of their customer care associates.  It is clear that members’ investment in their people and technology like WebRTC has meant the entire customer journey from reservation to safe landing has made air travel for U.S. customers the envy of the world. We applaud our members for their efforts and know they will continue to improve even more on these results.”

XYZ Research CEO Jane Smith also pointed to the early use of WebRTC as a major contributor to the airlines success in achieving this milestone. “It is clear that airlines saw the value of WebRTC for enabling the ability for customers to get their issues resolved quickly, and invested early in this and mobile technologies to create compelling customer experiences.  The ability to use a browser to start in one channel, have context transferred to another if further escalation is needed, along with a host of other customer-centric capabilities has been a game changer for enhancing the customer experience,” Smith explained.

The lesson here is clear. Giving customers alternatives for getting their challenges resolved makes customer care more efficient and effective.  It is a win-win for the airlines and their passengers.  Not only are the skies friendlier but every aspect of the customer journey is no longer a hassle.  Other industries need to take note.

Happy April Fool’s Day!    

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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