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An App for WebRTC Screen Sharing

April 06, 2015

For those who are in the process of becoming WebRTC mavens, you know that while WebRTC is supported by the Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers, for the moment the rather important screen sharing function is not supported on Firefox and Opera.  You also know that in terms of exploiting the early and real value of WebRTC for things like contact center omnichannel interactions and intra-enterprise unified communications (UC) and real-time collaboration capabilities, screen sharing is one of those must haves.

In keeping a close eye on WebRTC challenges and those working on solutions to them, at least in the case of screen sharing on Chrome, a recent posting on digit, appropriately titled, “WebRTC Screen Sharing Application,”  is worth reading. 

Source:  LLRX.com

Offered by digit anonymous contributor, Promotion, the author walks the reader step-by-step through a screen sharing sample app that runs in Chrome.  As Promotion explains in detail, “This app demonstrated how to do screen sharing using a Chrome extension to access the desktopCapture API in your web application.”

Without going into the “how to” details, the major components in the sample app, as might be expected, are leveraging HTML and JavaScript. HTML code is for webpage visualization, and JavaScript is for connectivity.  If you are a developer the instructions, like WebRTC use, should be easy to follow.

While Chrome users of this type of app will be able to share, it should be noted that Firefox and Opera users will be able to at least view shared screens.  If you are interested in how screen sharing functionality of WebRTC can work for you, Promotion has provided a nice example.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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