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WebRTC World Gives Voice4Net's WebRTC-Based Contact Center Solution its Product of the Year Award

April 08, 2015

Information and communications technologies have introduced many advances in the way we do virtually everything, one of which is the ability to simplify the way we communicate. Whether we are using smart mobile devices, laptops or PCs, we can now talk with another person using text, voice or video. However, the propriety technology used by hardware and software manufacturers has become a hurdle in the way of truly democratizing the technology so everybody can use it freely. And that is what WebRTC aims to do by offering an open source solution that lets people communicate with just an Internet connection and a browser enabled with the platform.

As more service providers started integrating WebRTC into the communications solutions they provide, WebRTC World, a leading publication focused on the development and activities of the platform, began recognizing companies that were delivering innovative applications and services. For 2015, the publication gave its WebRTC Product of the Year Award to Voice4Net for its WebRTC-Based Contact Center Solution.

The company provides customer interaction and voice communications solutions for businesses by developing a suite of applications with the RTC Framework. With this framework, developers are able to integrate contact center solutions that can be customized with a range of options designed for specific industries. According to Voice4Net, verticals in education, healthcare and government can be addressed with a browser-based integration model that can be incorporated with legacy systems. This gives clients advanced communications capabilities with text, voice and video without the expense and disruption of propriety systems.

“Our recent awards are indicative of a shift in the marketplace which is now beginning to endorse WebRTC as a reliable platform to address real-world business processes. We’re delighted to support the growth trajectory of this technology, which we will continue to serve the needs of our customer base,” said Rick McFarland, chief executive officer at Voice4Net.

For contact center operators, having a WebRTC enabled solutions means not having to worry about what device or application their customers are using. This will open new opportunities for improving the delivery of call center services at much lower price points than what is currently being offered. The Voice4Net WebRTC-Based Contact Center Solution makes it that much easier for center operators to deploy the technology for a seamless integration with existing systems or as a new installation.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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