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Quanta Computer Launches WebRTC-Enabled IP Camera Solution, Using Technology from Quanta, Celeno and Imagination

April 16, 2015

Quanta Computer, a manufacturer of a wide range of technology products, has partnered with Wi-Fi chip and software provider Celeno Communications as well as semiconductor R&D and licensing company Imagination Technologies to develop an end-to-end WebRTC-enabled IP (Internet Protocol) camera.

The jointly developed product is available either as a white-label IP camera or as a camera module for simple integration into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products, providing a rich web-based Real-Time Communications (RTC) experience for a variety of applications. The camera uses browser and mobile apps as well as embedded software and cloud services for smooth operation and includes a long list of features such as remote control, motion detection, infrared capabilities and alerts. Android or iOS smartphone and tablet apps can also be used to control the camera.

“We are pleased to introduce the world's first WebRTC-enabled total VP8+H.264 IP camera solution,” said Jammy Huang, Associate Vice President of Quanta Computer. “With this camera, we're enabling maximum deployment flexibility, providing OEMs and service providers with an affordable solution that they can immediately roll out to customers for innovative surveillance and videoconferencing applications. We've partnered with Celeno and Imagination to ensure that the Wi-Fi, VoIP and cloud technologies are all of the highest possible quality.”

The full HD 1080p camera leverages Celeno’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi System on Chip (SoC) and OptimizAIR 2.0 Wi-Fi airtime management technology. The company’s SoC provides comprehensive coverage and high-throughput performance to enable the best quality video and media possible. Meanwhile, unique Celeno OptimizAIR technology dynamically allocates Wi-Fi capacity in the air to provide uninterrupted HD video streaming while ensuring efficient usage of network resources. When applied to areas where reliability is key such as a home security Wi-Fi sub-network, this technology guarantees the stream will never fail or produce errors.

“The demand for a high-quality wireless video experience in the home is growing exponentially – whether for video streaming, video conferencing or home monitoring – which places a substantial burden on wireless networks that are ill-equipped to deal with such bandwidth-heavy applications,” said Gilad Rozen, Celeno’s CEO. “We're delighted to work with Quanta and Imagination to offer a combined solution that gives operators and OEMs what they need to deliver seamless and reliable home security and automation services to consumers with a high quality, flicker-free wireless HD camera.”

Imagination provided its MIPS computing processor, ClearMediaRTC media engine, FlowTalk Voice over IP (VoIP) application and FlowCloud Internet of Things (IoT) services. The MIPS CPU provides high-efficiency applications processing capabilities whereas the ClearMediaRTC media engine enables high-quality video streaming and bidirectional audio communications. Complex algorithms and adaptive network bandwidth management techniques ensure communications are carried out with maximum quality regardless of the platform. Imagination is also the company providing the underlying technology for the WebRTC browser app and FlowTalk mobile app as well as FlowCloud cloud services technology. FlowCloud enables useful features such as device authentication and secure recording and storage of video and audio streams.

“Building on the success of Imagination's VoIP clients which have shipped in millions of devices worldwide, this camera is a showcase for our new ClearMediaRTC media engine and FlowCloud services and related applications,” said Krishna Raghavan, Vice President of FlowTalk Business Operations at Imagination Technologies. “The combination of these technologies with those of Quanta and Celeno lets OEMs and service providers provide the highest quality WebRTC experience to consumers – all on a MIPS-based platform.”

The new IP camera and camera module solutions are now available through Quanta’s distribution network, whereas Celeno’s and Imagination’s underlying technologies can be licensed through their respective distribution. 

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Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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