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Wheelings & Dealings: Atlassian Acquires WebRTC-based Video Conferencing Company BlueJimp

April 21, 2015

WebRTC may still be in its formative stages in some respects but that does not mean that those at the leading edge of WebRTC developments are not targets of opportunity for aggressive companies in the real-time communications space.  As new case that illustrated this is the announcement that Atlassian, provider of developer and collaboration tools that include JIRA, Confluence and HipChat, has acquired WebRTC-based video conferencing service BlueJimp.

For those of you for whom the name BlueJimp may not be familiar, the Strasbourg, France, company is the one behind Jitsi, a popular WebRTC-compatible open source chat and video conferencing tool that enables multiple party real-time video sessions.

The home page of BlueJimp kind of says it all.

The acquisition is about Atlassian replacing the current technology that powers its popular HipChat video with BlueJimp’s WebRTC-compatible Videobridge product.

A TechCrunch posting on the deal quotes, Bernardo de Albergaria, Atlassian’s vice president and general manager for its Collaboration business unit as saying: “Supporting the Jitsi open source project will allow great minds from around the world to advance video for the workplace faster than we would be able to on our own…This is an exciting new venture for Atlassian that will enrich HipChat in ways that haven’t yet been imagined.”

He is further quoted saying: “We were the first team communication tool to bring 1-1 video to market, the first to provide native apps for all major platforms (including the new Apple Watch) and we aim to be the first to launch native group video.”

Mostly what the acquisition illustrates, along with the advantages of going with an open source solution to gain the ingenuity and fast pace of innovation of the crowd, is the rich functionality that is already part of WebRTC that is attractive to those who already have traction in the unified communications (UC) market and are seeking the best way to stay real fast with what is going on with real-time.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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