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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Imagination Technology, Japan Communications, W3C, Gartner, CafeX

May 02, 2015

This week in the WebRTC Solutions channel, readers were treated to news about the licensing of Imagination Technology VoIP software by Japan Communications, the release of a working draft from the W3C concerning Web clipboard APIs and events, and the path to looking cool as seen by Gartner which granted that title to CafeX.

Japan Communications announced that it has licensed the Imagination Technology ClearCall VoIP software to power its own JTalk VoIP client. It is that client, Japan Communications said, that will help expand its coverage and provide its customers with the most advanced mobile technology available. JTalk is said to bring high performance and voice quality to customers without draining their phones by being too resource-hungry. Users will likely have the option of making voice and video calls on both Android and iOS. Each base of ClearCall operates through WebRTC, and that same core will be built into JTalk which will work on Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks.

Meanwhile, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is in the process of updating the standard for how the clipboard API and events operate on the Web. The W3C Web Applications Working Group, as of now, has only made recommendations in a “Working Draft.” It is not yet an official W3C Recommendation, but that is the path this draft could take. Although this material may seem dry, TMC reports that an update to the API could have serious effects on the abilities of Web applications such as those that complete screen sharing. The API should be easy to use and work with standards such as WebRTC, and hopefully it will allow users on various platforms to insert different types of information (text, images, metadata) through such channels.

The API should act as a standard for all developers so interactions between users run smoothly. As Peter Bernstein, TMC's senior editor states: “”In fact, a good way to think of this is understanding that all cars have the gas pedal and brake pedal and steering wheel in the same place so anyone who knows how to drive does not need a manual to perform basic driving.”

Finally, readers here can chill out a bit and channel the Fonz. He was the essence of cool. Now, Gartner is naming some vendors as “cool” in its 2015 Cool Vendors in Unified Communication report, and CafeX Communications has made the list. CafeX's focus on WebRTC-enhancing toolkits and APIs has allowed it to push development of video and communications within the Web standard. It has influenced co-browsing of computer screens and document sharing with CafeX Live Assist and has created omnichannel and mobile self-service tools for call centers. All in all, the company is making lives easier for managers, employees, and customers by making communication simple yet robust. That certainly deserves an “Ay!”

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