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FireRTC Expands Beta Program

May 05, 2015

While WebRTC has emerged as one of the most promising technologies of the past few years, there has been a relative lack of actual applications. FireRTC is changing that by expanding its public beta for its browser-based voice and video calling app.

"Users want ubiquitous access to voice from within any setting, whether that's working on a train, accessing the enterprise IT stack remotely, or catching up on email in a coffee shop," FireRTC co-founder Randy Weinberger said. "FireRTC offers users elegant one-click access to voice and video service from within the most popular browsers, and adds a rich layer of social context to calls in a beautiful, easy-to-use application."

FireRTC lets users make voice and video calls right within their browsers. The program shows the callers’ social media and geolocation information instead of just Caller ID.

The company could be a competitor to Skype, as it doesn’t require a standalone app and users can make calls to landline and mobile calls for free, unlike Skype. Users can request an invite into FireRTC’s beta program on its website.

All of these features could give WebRTC a real “killer app,” something that makes people want to adopt WebRTC-compliant browsers. WebRTC is currently only officially supported on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Android and iOS. Given the Chrome alone is the most popular modern browser, FireRTC looks like it has a potentially large userbase.

Not only does FireRTC have free calling, since it doesn’t require the user to install anything, users could find it easier to use than Skype. Skype still has many more users, which could hamper FireRTC’s adoption if people’s contacts don’t move over from the popular VoIP platform.

The company made the announcement at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference.

"As a New York based startup, we feel fortunate to be able to announce the expansion of our beta program at TechCrunch Disrupt NY," Weinberger said.

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