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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Comcast, FireRTC, Integrated Research, IQ Services

May 09, 2015

The release of several new products highlights the news surrounding the WebRTC community this week. Comcast and FireRTC get into the action with their own new software. Meanwhile, Integrated Research makes its own headline as a developer of WebRTC products with the acquisition of IQ Services.

The Comcast Xfinity Share app is first among the two real-time communications apps TMC covered this week. This app will be able to stand its ground in the market for uniqueness alone; it allows users to take video on their smartphones and send that live streaming video directly to X1-enable televisions. Although this type of technology may sound familiar when considering Chromecast and other similar TV apps, this is the first major release to use WebRTC. Franklyn Athias, the senior vice president of Comcast IP Communications Services, spoke in the company's news release about why it chose the open Web technology. Simply put, he said WebRTC allows for flexibility, interoperability, and scalability, and all of those elements make it easier to reach customers.

FireRTC is also trying to change the market with its voice and video calling app of the same name. The app allows users to make calls from directly within their Web browsers at any location with Internet access. The company says people want to be able to connect with others from the train, the office, and even the coffee shop. WebRTC software makes that possible by allowing for easy connections through familiar software—the browser itself. FireRTC is also trying to up its game by offering social media and geolocation information to help users identify callers.

WebRTC has become so big that it has its own conference, the WebRTC Conference and Expo. This year, it will take place from May 12-14 in Miami, Florida and will focus primarily on the “webification of communications.” This means that major players such as Google and Facebook, among many other vendors, will explore the potential of Web-based communications to engage developers and ultimately attract users to brands. Peter Bernstein, the senior editor at TMC, spoke about how conferences can be a great thing for the developer community. In fact, he said he has been excited by the smaller “meet-ups” that are bringing local groups together to discuss WebRTC. Specifically, he noted the First Munich WebRTC Meetup that focused on the Unify WebRTC platform called Circuit.

Last this week, performance management software company Integrated Research announced its acquisition of IQ Services. This will give IR the reach into IQ's complete integrated systems management and testing suite for Avaya, Cisco, and Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business. That will give it some clout within the product testing market. Furthermore, it will be able to use the acquisition to help fuel its development of WebRTC communications products. WebRTC could bleed into its existing Prognosis line of customer service software.

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