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Citrix's GoToMeeting Free Gets a WebRTC Boost From Temasys' Plugin

May 12, 2015

Citrix's GoToMeeting system has already been regarded as a great way to help get people together at work, regardless of where they are physically located at the time. But with plenty of competition in that particular field, it's easy to see that Citrix would want to keep its own product at its peak. To that end, it's turned to Temasys, who has licensed its Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) plugin for use with the GoToMeeting Free tool.

With the new plugin, GoToMeeting Free can now be used on both Apple's Safari browser and the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, both of which were formerly a bit inhospitable when it came to WebRTC. This in turn gives more users access to GoToMeeting Free, the free voice and video communications service with screen-sharing options. Given that the combined Safari and Internet Explorer markets comprised 45.4 percent of the mobile browser market, as well as tablet, and better than 63.2 percent of the desktop market, that's a development that's going to give GoToMeeting Free a lot of extra room to run.

Temasys' plugins are, reportedly, very easy to work with, with the applications involved able to check if it's installed on the browser—there's even said to be a prompt to download the plugin if it's not already there—and then once in place, it puts the plugin to work. A modified version of the “adapter.js” file—which is much like the one Google and Mozilla use in the Chrome and Firefox browsers to allow the two browsers to work together—does most of the heavy lifting, and from there, a few lines of code give the new browsers the ability to work with WebRTC. Temasys has offered the licensed plugin for use since its launch in October 2014, so there are plenty of firms likely already putting it to work.

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Meanwhile, Temasys' CEO, Chip Wilcox, offered commentary regarding the new measure, saying “Citrix is the latest commercial licensee of Temasys' WebRTC plugin, which enables service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy WebRTC to serve Internet Explorer and Safari users. At a time where there's a positive shift in the conferencing industry's willingness to embrace WebRTC, Citrix is well ahead of the curve to implement the technology, a testament to their legacy of innovativeness.”

Those interested in hearing more from Wilcox will want to attend the WebRTC Conference and Expo,  running May 12 – 14 at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami in Miami, Florida. Wilcox will be delivering a keynote address on Wednesday, May 13 at 8:00 AM, where he will likely talk about some of Citrix's connection to the growing WebRTC front.

Indeed, WebRTC is a front that's rapidly growing. Its ease of use, its incredible versatility, and its usefulness in the field are all important points to note. The fact that Citrix is now able to access a market that's roughly double its previous market could be a huge help. But then it's also worth noting that this move really only has a limited duration of effectiveness. Reports suggest that Microsoft's Spartan browser will build support for WebRTC directly into it. But then, considering how long Windows XP held on after its effective shelf life had run out, it's safe to wonder if Windows Internet Explorer will likewise stick around, making Citrix's move to a plugin a very bright one.

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