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Days After First Point Release of Firefox 38.0, Fixes are in

May 15, 2015

The interesting and nice part of open source software is that the community can act as a rapid response team. Only two days after the announcement of Firefox 38.0, Mozilla pushing the first point release to users around the world via the browser’s built-in updater, availability of Mozilla Firefox 38.0.1, which fixes some problems in 38.0 for all supported platforms including GNU/Linux, Windows, and OS X, was announced.  One of them as seen below is related to WebRTC.

Firefox Notes made users aware of the following fixes to 38.0:

Source: Mozilla.org

It should be noted that the good folks at Mozilla.org are advising Firefox users to update the Firefox Web browser as soon as they see the upgrade notification pop-up. In addition, and as a reminder, if you identify other issues with the latest release, as always users are encouraged to participate in the process of getting the fix in ASAP.  Plus, if you are technically inclined, the complete list of fixes is available here

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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