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Masergy Cloud-based UC Solution gets WebRTC Enablement Boost

May 18, 2015

There are a few significant aspects to the utility of WebRTC enablement that are accelerating interest in its adoption. These include:

  1. How it complements unified communications (UC) functionality by making it easy to use in real-time straight from a browser. In fact, in many ways WebRTC and UC are a perfect fit.
  2. The now demonstrable value instant multiple media and multimedia interactions including video, screen sharing and HD voice brings to any customer-facing/frontline interactions. This is why contact centers and sales force interactions are considered the low-hanging fruit for applications developers looking to leverage WebRTC to create more compelling users experiences.
  3.  The ability to provide automated business processes that increase operational efficiencies and effectiveness by connecting the right people to the right resource faster and easier.  This is not just for customer-facing interactions but also from internal cross-enterprise interactions or those with ecosystem partners.

Exemplifying these trends is the announcement from Dallas, Texas-based cloud services provider Masergy Communications Inc. that its Cloud Unified Communications solution is now WebRTC enabled with the launch of its Virtual Automated Attendant (VAA).

This is certainly not the automated attendant we have all grown up with.  As Masergy explains, by using WebRTC solution they have created an easy-to-use application wizard. This wizard lets customers rapidly create custom navigation menus that uniquely meet their needs.  It does so by auto-generating the necessary code which then is easily embedded within customers' websites.

Masergy’s initial implementations include Web-based voice communications for sales and support functions. In fact, Masergy is not just an advocate of the technology, but is a user themselves. They have implemented the VAA technology on the company’s customer support webpage as can be seen in the screen shot. 

Source: Masergy

The Cllick to Call with WebRTC feature enables customers to reach technical support personnel for the company’s Cloud Unified Communications, Global Cloud Networking and Advanced Managed Security solutions. 

"Our unique, self-provisioning solution enables a simple and intuitive customer support experience," said Dean Manzoori, Product Management VP, Masergy. "This solution eliminates the need for a web site visitor to search for contacts, phone numbers, or deal with computer-based voice response systems when they need to speak to a sales or support representative."

Masergy notes in the release of VAA that it is representative of their commitment to using a Software Defined Networking (SDN) philosophy to enable enterprises to automate business processes making them simpler and easier to manage and customize. This translated into reduced costs with an enhanced user experience.  

Image via Shutterstock

They add that VAA does not require any additional hardware and is being made available to existing Cloud UC customers free of activation costs, and that customers can monitor and measure VAA's call quality to ensure uninterrupted communications.

As we head deeper and deeper into the era where the majority of interactions are made from smart web-enabled, mobile personal devices leveraging the power of the Web to provide multimedia functions, real-time communications is going to become a necessity. It is why there is so much interest in WebRTC by enterprises for both B2B as well as B2C interactions. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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