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WebRTC Conference & Expo 2015 Proves a Hit for NetSapiens

May 19, 2015

Recently, the WebRTC Conference & Expo concluded its annual return to the stage, and in its wake provided information about a host of different products and services available in the Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) market. While there were plenty of big names on hand, one name that came out of the show with a sizable number of awards was NetSapiens, a company that showed its mettle in its line of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) services.

NetSapiens came with its product line, and left with two awards under its belt: the Ready Now Award and the Audience Choice Award following a demonstration of NetSapiens' integration of WebRTC into an already-successful private branch exchange (PBX) system. With WebRTC's addition to the system, NetSapiens could go beyond either standard and offer up an array of new solutions, ranging from call center applications to call recording and even device provisioning. Those companies that put the NetSapiens system to use can thereby have access to the kinds of services that both a PBX and a WebRTC environment can offer, all from the same platform.

Anand Buch, who serves as NetSapiens' CEO, commented on the awards, noting that this was the first public demonstration for the addition of WebRTC services to the NetSapiens platform. Thus, winning awards in the process made for what Buch described as “a great start.” Buch also noted “Receiving the Ready Now award shows that we are truly a complete solution for service providers looking to deliver next generation communications. We believe that winning the Audience Choice award shows that the industry is ready to see that WebRTC and Telephony can work together and when they do, they deliver the best of both worlds.”

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There's always something to be said for flexibility. When it's time to make a buying decision, it's one thing to be the system that performs a single function really well. It's another entirely to be the system that does several things really well. This is why leatherman devices are so popular in tool kits and the knives in the Swiss Army style are still big sellers. It's great to have options, and with NetSapiens, customer have options. The basic tools of a PBX platform, the growing array of possibilities with WebRTC, and all under one handy roof makes for a prospect that's tough to pass up when it comes time to re-evaluate communications options.

NetSapiens clearly has a winning prospect on its hands, and there are probably plenty of firms out there taking a closer look at NetSapiens and wondering if it’s just the system the company needs.

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