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TokBox Highlights Power of WebRTC Live Video for Healthcare at Health 2.0 Europe 2015

May 20, 2015

The applicability of WebRTC-enablement for enterprises and specific vertical markets continues its momentum.  The latest example is the Telefónica company TokBox. The San Francisco, California-based WebRTC platform provider will be demonstrating WebRTC’s value for healthcare at Health 2.0 Europe Conference 2015 in Barcelona, where it will be showcasing the value of embedding real time communications to Web and mobile healthcare applications.

TokBox's OpenTok WebRTC platform has gotten growing traction for a number of healthcare applications, particularly in telehealth. In fact, it is offering services such as:

  • Virtual consultations
  • Video diagnostics
  • Home-based care and monitoring
  • Personal emergency response systems.

As the list illustrates, the applicability of WebRTC for healthcare, where real-time interactions are a critical component of improving remote patient care, is a huge opportunity.  In fact, IBISWorld Market Research has estimated the U.S. telehealth market alone is expected to increase roughly 45 percent this year hitting $585 million by year-end.  And, this is just the beginning.

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Health 2.0 Europe 2015

In Barcelona TokBox will present its telehealth applications powered by the OpenTok platform which include:

  • Calgary Scientific's Resolution MD—a diagnostic and medical imaging collaboration software
  • Dr Now—a health service that delivers medicines and prescriptions to a patient's home or office directly from a remote, mobile-based consultation.
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TokBox CEO, Scott Lomond said: "Whether it is on-demand health advice, video diagnostics or real-time collaboration, WebRTC is transforming healthcare and freeing up doctors rooms and emergency wards. We're proud to showcase some truly remarkable applications of real time communications in healthcare that TokBox is enabling, and look forward to being part of an event that inspires innovation in this industry."

It should be noted that healthcare is not the only vertical where the OpenTok WebRTC platform has gotten tractions.  It has been used to add video communications to more than 100,000 services by companies including Mozilla, Major League Baseball, Valspar, Bridgestone Golf, Diet Coke, Ford, Doritos and Double Robotics. Indeed, as noted at the top, making real-time interactions easy-to-use from the Web for enhancing the capabilities of mobile apps is gaining traction around the world and in a host of vertical markets.  The enhanced customer experiences WebRTC enables is giving service providers of all types the ability to create innovative services with sustainable differentiated value.  

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