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FRAFOS Now Part of the ShoreTel Innovation Network

May 21, 2015

The right collaboration can yield innovative solutions which otherwise would have been much harder, or in some cases impossible. With so many different technologies required to make today’s communications ecosystem work, service providers, software developers and hardware manufacturers are always looking for alliances with mutually beneficial goals. The latest partnership in the industry is between FRAFOS, developer of session border control and WebRTC solutions, and ShoreTel, provider of easy to deploy and scale telephony systems and unified communication solutions.

FRAFOS is now part of the ShoreTel Innovation Network, and as part of this community of technology companies, it will be able to leverage ShoreTel's open architecture to develop hardware, software, and services to extend communication solutions with innovative products and services.

As part of the network, FRAFOS will have access to a wide range of resources for exposing any new solution the company introduces in the marketplace. This includes co-marketing activities to drive exposure of value-added software, hardware, and service solutions, and make it part of ShoreTel's extensive distribution network.

The Innovation Network offers two levels of membership. The Foundation Level provides third parties, including customers, resellers, and application developers, with access to the tools and information needed to integrate with ShoreTel.

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The Network Alliance Level, which FRAFOS is part of, has ShoreTel working with technology partners to validate the interoperability of the combined solutions. This affords members greater visibility within ShoreTel’s sales, marketing, reseller, and customer communities.

“It is our great pleasure to accept the invitation to the ShoreTel Innovation Network. It’s important to us to enhance the trust of our customers by showing the interoperability of our products with a wide range of vendors,” said Berthold Butscher, CEO, FRAFOS.

One of the solutions FRAFOS will be providing is its ABC session border controller (SBC), a very flexible platform designed to protect enterprises and VoIP service providers deploying telephony services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It integrates Web applications with customized solutions and out of the box support for WebRTC, cloud deployments and open interfaces. This allows them to deploy a scalable SBC designed to run on top of high end hardware, as well as appliances and virtual machines so they can scale as needed no matter how big or small the growth.

The FRAFOS ABC SBC features:

  • Availability as a software solution deployable on hardware, virtual machines and the cloud,
  • High availability solution with call continuation,
  • Flexible routing, load balancing and failover capabilities,
  • Collection and display of call statistics, QoS reports and message flows,
  • Extensive header manipulation capabilities using a user friendly GUI, and
  • Ability to encrypt signaling and media for privacy.

This partnership will give FRAFOS access to ShorTel’s network so it can introduce its innovative ABC SBC to a wider audience. Granted this could have been achieved without being part of the Innovation Network, but the time, cost and effort it would have taken would have been much more substantial in the long run.

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