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Telecom Application Developer Hackathon (TADHack) 2015 Spans the World

May 28, 2015

If you look at the top of this page, or for that matter any page on the WebRTC Solutions Community, you cannot miss the banner ad for the Telecom Application Developer Hackathon (TADHACK).  Not familiar with TADHACK?  Not only should you be but now would be a great time to register.

Along with the fact that this is the only global meeting place for developers who want to learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecom, the reasons are many but two big ones are:  

  • The event will be held June 13-14, which means it is time to get involved
  • You have the option of participating physically at one of TADHACK locations in: Lisbon, Chicago, Raleigh, London, Dublin, Madrid, New Delhi, Colombo, Jaffna, Israel, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Melbourne and Buenos Aires, or remotely.
  • This is a competition with prizes including the chance to win $35,000 for the best ideas using the sponsor’s development resources, and valuable recognition to the winners as well as all of the competitors.
  • Realities are that if you want to know what’s hot in the WebRTC solutions community if you are not part of a hackathon you risk being behind the curve in a sector that is moving fast.

The last point is non-trivial.  As a point of reference, TADHack 2014 had close to 700 global registrations, 60+ hacks generated across Madrid and 5 satellites – Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, India and the U.S. In addition, there were 126 simultaneous viewings of the live streamed event from remote participants.

It might be a bit of hyperbole to say that the whole world is watching, but if nothing else it is clear from the increasing interest of communications services providers who now understand that WebRTC is friend and not foe, that while hackathons are not business as usual they have become important events for business as well as app development. 

Finally, even if you are off the grid for the event itself, you should bookmark the site and check out the blog section.  Just as a teaser, the latest contribution concerning Third Space Learning and their WebRTC teaching platform notes not only that they are looking for developers but that “Steev (@MarquisdeGeek) will be at TADHack Lisbon working on mashing up Third Space Learning with all the developer resources available and recruiting.” 

All of this is certainly more than a tad of WebRTC. It is a terrific immersive opportunity to put leverage the value of community and communications.    

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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