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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Italtel, Splora, SURF, 1CLICK

June 06, 2015

In the list of WebRTC news this week is Italtel's position on the relationship between telecoms and WebRTC/IoT, Splora's launch of its new cloud-based calling service, SURF's deployment of the SURF-HMP multimedia processing engine, and the popularity of 1CLICK co-browsing widget.

Federico Descalzo, the chief marketing and technology officer at Italtel, a network design company, has something this week to say about how operators should interact with WebRTC and Internet of Things technologies. TMC reports that he said the operators are friends, not foes, and telecoms will have to deal with the coming wave of new communications and device connections. Descalzo suggested that, at this time, offering over-the-top services that bridge legacy networks and applications is the most lucrative thing such businesses can be doing right now.

In other news, Splora is taking WebRTC to new heights with enterprises by launching its new calling service that will provide business-grade communications entirely through the browser. Terry Crews, the creator of the app, says it is like “Skype on steroids” because its seeks to offer high-definition voice and video in an easy-to-use format that is a full replacement for a business's communications platform.

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Even though WebRTC is made to easily connect people with only the use of a Web browser, there are still some gaps when it comes to signal compatibility between it and legacy networks. TMC notes that, like the saying of all boats rise when the tide comes in, everyone will benefit when the islands of communication are covered in water. That water may now come in the form of the SURF-HMP multimedia processing engine that supports transcoding between any of the H.264, H.265, VP8, and VP9 codecs to any other. This gives telecom operators and businesses the power to bridge legacy networks and WebRTC while also having the SURF platform for conferencing, video recording, messaging capability, and several other similar features.

The last piece of news on target this week is the 1CLICK co-browsing platform that has gained more than 500 interested businesses in the first 10 weeks of its launch. It allows for co-browsing on any platform that supports WebRTC and can provide a necessary link between customer and call center agents. While browsing together, users are even able to annotate and draw on their screens to demonstrate issues or make troubleshooting a much clearer process. For businesses, there are dashboards for each call center agent alongside the ability to access previous conversations and make recordings of the audio and video of any customer session.

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