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Ecosmob Showcases FreeSWITCH WebRTC Client Solution

June 08, 2015

There have been a lot of advances in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology over the past few years. We have become a generation constantly in need of being connected all of the time. When you consider that mobile devices have taken the employee out of the office and the cost savings realized by having other employees working from home, you understand the need for a solution that offers the ability to be always on and all ways connected.

While VoIP offers simple solutions that make this possible, without the knowledge and experience to set up the service correctly, your company may not reap all of the benefits that VoIP can offer. As a provider of Business VoIP solutions, Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd is focused on providing IT solutions and services.

Just as we have seen VoIP technology mature and evolve, we have seen that WebRTC has evolved past the point of just being hype and come into its own as a business solution. Ecosmob has also noticed this and its WebRTC Client Solution is one of the next gen solutions now offered by the company.

Ecosmob’s solution makes use of VoIP and WebRTC turning them into a unified communications (UC) platform that essentially modifies the Web browsers into two communication endpoints. The company is showcasing this platform in the solution section of its FreeSWITCH Specific website.

FreeSWITCH is free and open source communications software for the creation of voice and messaging products. It is licensed under the Mozilla Public License (MPL), a free software license. Its core library, libfreeswitch, is capable of being embedded into other projects, as well as being used as a stand-alone application.

According to an Ecosmob spokesperson, "It can be used by any industry to provide different client centric services or to conduct business meetings. It will work as a web phone with many added features than a simple calling solution. One can also conduct conferences using the solution with peers. One can also share screens to demonstrate the product or services. It can be used as all-in-one communication solution and that is also very cost-effectively.”

A major plus is the fact that the user interface is said to be quite easy to use and maneuver around. As long as your browser is compatible with WebRTC, there is no need to worry about additional hardware, software or the purchase of any equipment and this solution is neither user nor industry specific. What it does appear to be, is a cost saving, comprehensive solution that can be used by anyone, which can be integrated into any PBX system.

The Ecosmob spokesperson went on to say, “The core idea behind development of the WebRTC based communication solution was to enhance the user experience. We gave a major emphasis on the quality and satisfaction of the user instead of mere connection and communication."

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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