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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Ecosmob, Incentive, eZuce, NTT Communications, TurboBridge

June 13, 2015

Today at WebRTC Solutions we'll cover the past week's news, which was all about product releases and features. Ecosmob, Incentive, eZuce, NTT Communications, and TurboBridge all receive the spotlight.

Ecosmob now features its FreeSWITCH communications platform on its own dedicated website. FreeSWITCH combines WebRTC and VoIP to create a unified communications software that turns a business's Web browsers into endpoints for voice and video. This is not exactly a new practice in the industry, so we all know that this type of setup can provide ease of setup and possible lower costs. In addition to those benefits, however, FreeSWITCH comes as open source software licensed under the Mozilla Public License and therefore can be embedded into other company projects.

Meanwhile, Incentive has released its Spring 2015 collaboration platform with a number of updates that allow for improved enterprise employee interaction. The first update is the “Rooms” feature that gives employees the option of having conversations or sharing files through their Web browsers. An updated task management features gives those same employees central points of reference for their to-do lists and includes reminders for when deadlines are looming. The goal here is centralization so productivity does not reach a bottleneck.

eZuce is working toward the goal of combining visual collaboration and persistent communications, according to company CEO Jerry Stabile. Its ViewMe product, a cloud-based UC platform, includes support for the usual suspects: voice, video, email, presence, and WebRTC. It goes beyond those necessary features by giving users the ability to customize their dashboards which are meant to remain active at all times. Unlike some other similar platforms, eZuce stays on the user desktop and holds its own presence so all those communications capabilities are at users' fingertips.

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NTT Communications is advancing the development of WebRTC and communications by releasing a software development kit that works with iOS and Android services that may interact with NTT's SkyWay UC platform. The SDK is available now and lets developers use the SkyWay library and signaling server for WebRTC apps so they do not have to build those components themselves.

TurboBridge, known for its cloud-based audio conferencing platform, is now embracing WebRTC by giving its users the option to connect to conferences through their browsers. Users can connect in the traditional manner through PSTN or SIP; any one connection will sync with all others through TurboBridge's transcoding that happens in its servers. This way, all connections play nice with one another and users receive only high-quality conferences from anywhere and on any device.

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