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VoltDelta Integrates with Oracle Service Cloud for Multichannel WebRTC Communications

June 16, 2015

VoltDelta, a provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, recently announced that it has forged a partnership with Oracle Service Cloud to develop an integrated multichannel cloud contact center solution with the Oracle Communications WebRTC session controller.

By integrating the Oracle Service Cloud with VoltData’s contact center on-demand infrastructure, the contact intelligence and knowledge base of a customer relationship management (CRM) system has been  paired with multichannel distribution and central management capabilities. As the partners point out, with the combined solution, calls and messages are distributed to remote agents efficiently in a way that minimizes response time while ensuring employee satisfaction and therefore productivity.

Agents using the Oracle Service Cloud desktop interface will now also have access to an embedded media bar that provides call and message handling tools for previewing queues and managing communications. This section also pops up notifications for when a customer would like to start a session and gives the agent some time to respond. When engaged with an agent, customers can upgrade voice or messaging communications to video chat in real-time from any device supporting multimedia and WebRTC.

The integration of Oracle’s WebRTC session controller with Oracle Service Cloud enables flexible, reliable Web-to-SIP network interoperability and is an essential addition to VoltDelta’s contact center technology. Multichannel communications over IP networks significantly reduces cost while ensuring maximum uptime and resilience to evolving business needs, and eventually results in a more positive customer experience. The open WebRTC standard with its simple APIs is the core technology that makes solutions like this possible and paves the way for companies to improve their relationships with customers.

“VoltDelta continues to innovatively integrate reliable and scalable call plus message handling with Oracle Service Cloud as an Oracle Gold Partner”, said Yusuf Bulan General Manger of VoltDelta. “Demonstrating Oracle Service Cloud’s first partner delivered WebRTC enabled Virtual Contact Center solution means contact centers of all sizes will be able to deliver the multichannel customer care solutions that mobile users are demanding.”

As has become a popular feature of WebRTC Solutions Community news the past year, the use of WebRTC for omnichannel real-time interactions in contact centers for obvious reasons has been at the forefront of enterprise adoption of WebRTC for a variety of reasons.  It should be noted that if you are interested, demonstrations of video chat sessions using this newly integrated VoltDelta and Oracle Communications technology will be showcased at the Call Center Week conference Las Vegas, NV from June 16-19.  

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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