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Hang w/ Now Supports Broadcasting Via Web Browser

June 17, 2015

The way in which individuals and businesses create video ranges from mobile handhelds to commercial-grade, purpose-built cameras. For basic video feeds, though, it does not get much easier than producing video straight from a webcam.

Hang w/, a developer of its own video creation and distribution platform, has recognized this desire and will now support live broadcasting via the Web browser. It will support many social media and online platforms such as sharing to YouTube, broadcasting to Twitter, and streaming live from a GoPro camera. The Hang w/ application comes available on iOS and Android devices and is also available for desktops.

Andrew Maltin, the CEO of Hang w/, commented in his company's recent announcement that support for live broadcasting from the browser is about empowerment by giving people the ability to direct content from anywhere and on any device.

“We empower our users to stream what they want, where they want, to whoever they want,” Maltin said. “Now, they can stream from wherever they want, be it their smart phone, tablet, or desktop. What's more, with billions of desktop users around the globe, this move greatly increases the number of users who can access all aspects of the platform.”

TMC wrote about the release of Hang w/ 3.2 autumn of last year. At that time, it noted the various features available within the application that include sharing of social information and alerts that can result in virtual hangouts. Content creators and admirers can make their own profiles that can list personal information and also show the archive of recent video streams that those creators have shared. Interested viewers can get alerts for when their favorite content producers have released new content or are live on the app.

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Dave Swartz, the president and CCO of Hang w/, also provided his view about what the addition of live Web browser streaming can mean for content producers. He mentioned that some users prefer the environment of browsers and the security of their landline broadband. For those individuals such as musicians or amateur TV producers, the addition of browser support can mean ease of access to their favorite applications and a security they have come to expect from their broadband connections.

He further noted that the company expects to see a wide range of new uses for the Hang w/ app following this release. It is not yet clear what those uses will be, but the familiarity of the Web browser for nearly every computer and mobile user could bring new converts to this video creation app. New minds will mean new types of content, so there could well be a host of novel content hitting the public soon.

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