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Hello Pizza Takes a Great Food and Makes it a Language Learning Experience using WebRTC

June 18, 2015

Pizza is one of the great universal foods of the world. There's a floating pizza restaurant in Fiji known as Cloud 9 that can offer a full range of wood-fired pizza options, and it hardly stops there.  While pizza itself is well-known for breaking down cultural barriers, can it also break down language barriers? Hello Pizza wants to do just that with WebRTC as a vital ingredient.

Hello Pizza is a combination of efforts between CNA Language Schools and FCB Brazil, connecting Brazil's Language School with the Bella Vista pizza restaurant in Los Angeles. Under this plan, regular Los Angelenos calling in for a pizza order instead had the call routed to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where students were waiting on the other end to answer the phone. The students then answered the phone, and took the orders, learning conversational English in the process and adapting to the various idiosyncrasies of the speakers in question. Those who actually consented to having a phone order routed to Brazil for handling, meanwhile, received a discount on the pizza order based on the length of time spent on the order. Those who spend sufficiently long on the call get a free pizza.

But that discount isn't to make up for the huge cost traditionally associated with the routing of a call from L.A to Brazil. That cost is reduced by orders of magnitude thanks to WebRTC which steps in to provide a way to transfer a call from normal lines to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service and send it down to Brazil. It is also used to connect to a printer at Bella Vista, where the Brazilian students transfer orders for Bella Vista to fill.

As it turns out, Hello Pizza isn't the only possible use case; other businesses are invited to join in, including florist shops and hamburger places. Most any operation where people call ahead to place orders might well work here, and those interested can sign up with CNA Language School at its website.

If you think about this is a classic win-win-win situation for Hello Pizza, Bella Vista and its customers. Not only do students get the opportunity to practice English in one of the most real-world settings imaginable, but customers get a discount for being willing participants in the training. Plus, the restaurant gets an added boost; while it loses some revenue on the discounting, it may well draw in new business from people who would have gone to other pizzerias, but instead go to the one that allows for others to get an education in English. It may well even gain in terms of word-of-mouth, with people telling others about the charitably-minded opportunity to help Brazilians learn English.

It's a clever enough idea and one that will likely pay dividends for all concerned. At its root, it all came down to ordering pizza, and though that may be a strange notion, it's one that's making for many new opportunities all around the world thanks to a little help from WebRTC.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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