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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Hang w/, Polycom, VoltDelta, Oracle, Hello Pizza

June 20, 2015

A handful of product releases from Hang w/ and Polycom, a partnership between VoltDelta and Oracle, and a project called Hello Pizza all highlight the past week of WebRTC-related news.

Hang w/ is known for the development of its own video creation and distribution software. This past week, it upped the ante by announcing support for live video distribution directly from within Web browsers. Andrew Maltin, the CEO of Hang w/, said the move was all about empowerment for the company's users. It does not get much more empowering than allowing musicians or amateur TV producers, as just two examples, to transmit live video to Facebook, Twitter, or even their own websites with only the aid of a browser.

Meanwhile, Polycom announced the release of its own software, RealPresence, which connects enterprise users in virtual meetings rooms and adds a number of peripheral features such as presence and video network management tools. It has updated RealPresence to include three new programs called Web Suite, Media Suite, and Cloud. Respectively, they allow for use of WebRTC for conferencing and shared workspaces; recording, sharing, and playback of video during company meetings; and access to a cloud-based video collaboration services via the Web browser.

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VoltDelta, which focuses its efforts on call center software, has now paired up with Oracle to take advantage of the Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Communications WebRTC session controller. Together, the call center software will take the capabilities of the other two programs and gain more efficient distribution of calls and better access to customer relationship management. Agents will have access to the Service Cloud desktop and can use an included media bar that gives instant access to calling queues.

As TMC noted this week, pizza is one of the “great universal foods of the world.” Now, a project that CNA Language Schools and FCB Brazil has created is using the Bella Vista pizza restaurant in Los Angeles to teach people in Brazil how to speak English. It is a long way from the U.S. to Brazil, but the two groups are using WebRTC to connect callers in the U.S. who want their pizza with operators in Brazil who want to learn to speak another language. If callers consent, they can get a discount on their pizza by allowing those operators to handle their orders. In turn, the exchange of language makes for more than just an interesting story and use of modern technology.

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