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Unify Brings cPaaS Solution to Developers to Add WebRTC Services

July 01, 2015

For those who liked the Circuit software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, Unify has a plan to take it one step further with a new collaborative platform-as-a-service (cPaaS) system. Based on the Circuit system, the Unify version lets users create extensions with Circuit itself, and from there, bring a variety of new tools into play.

With Unify's cPaaS system, users can set up a variety of integration scenarios using several different tools, including Box, Open-Xchange and even Salesforce.com. Users can also bring in the various Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) options that Circuit can normally bring into play, including things like HD video and audio conferencing for Web pages. This means that a huge variety of options that would be valuable for enterprise users—not just conferencing tools, but also collaboration measures like document editing and management and file sharing—can all be brought to bear on a single project, and thus make the developed apps more valuable for enterprise users.

Unify's CTO for Product House, Dr. Stefan Ried, offered up some further commentary on the value of this system, saying “The Circuit cPaaS is not only an SDK for a communication service. Developers can even create their own application logic injected from Heroku, EC2, or Azure, but executed virtually inside Circuit. This programming model turns Circuit into a full PaaS service and is highly attractive to the modern cloud developer communities.”

Not only is this great news for system integrators, reports note, but it's also good news for ISVs that want to add voice and video using WebRTC to current applications. This gives Circuit not only the ability to work across a wide variety of applications, but also a wide variety of devices, making it extremely versatile. Reports note that Unify will be putting together application programming interfaces (APIs) of all the developer sandboxes in the productive Circuit cloud as needed by the community members' requirements, and those who want a hand in that development need only sign up as a member of the Circuit developer community.

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WebRTC itself has long been a versatile operation, allowing for ready communications as well as file transfer capabilities, making it an excellent platform for both communications and collaboration. That's a package that has “enterprise user” written all over it, especially given the rise of the mobile workforce that's been going on for the last few years. Now, with Unify giving developers a more ready access to the kind of capability that only WebRTC can provide, that should not only step up the use of WebRTC in more projects, but make those projects more valuable to the enterprise user as well. That's great news for developers, who need a way to readily stand out from other apps in the field.

Unify looks to have a very powerful offering here, and one that could make a lot of difference for developers. Given what it already works with and what it's likely to come in contact with in the future—not to mention the sheer scope of the Circuit developer community involved—that should make this a solid advancement for all concerned.

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