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3CX WebMeeting is Completely WebRTC Based

July 02, 2015

For those of you who have been closely following WebRTC since its infancy, you are more than aware that one of its major benefits has been to make Web conferencing easy and universally available and affordable.  And, with the industry having put the codec and transcoding issue hopefully in the rearview mirror, it should come as no surprise that the broad real-time communications vendor community is looking to WebRTC as the foundational enabler that makes enterprise Web conferencing the dominant form of business interactions going forward.

An example of the importance of WebRTC to enabling a real-time rich, media-interactions world comes with the announcement from London that 3CX, developers  of the popular next generation software-based PBX 3CX Phone System for Windows, is releasing 2CX WebMeeting v8. As the “v8” indicates, this is the latest version of the company’s video conferencing solution, and the big news here is, as the headline says, the solution “is now completely WebRTC based.”  Plus, it is available in three editions. 

Source: 3CX

3CX makes an interesting case in the position of its latest release.  It notes that typical per user pricing plans of hosted video conferencing systems tend to limit usage within companies because of sticker shock when looking at the bill. They  explain that: “3CX WebMeeting changes this with its unlimited user licensing - all company employees can use unlimited video conferencing for one low yearly price per company, starting at $495 / €475 per year.”

The three editions are:

  • 3CX WebMeeting - Hosted, meeting organization via a Web portal.
  • 3CX WebMeeting Server - On premise edition.
  • 3CX WebMeeting for 3CX Phone System - Hosted, meeting organization via 3CXPhone.

3CX says each edition is priced competitively and includes licenses for unlimited users within the company.

It is that last item that is a grabber. You read correctly that each of the editions includes licenses for unlimited users within the company. 

In addition, 3CX WebMeeting V8 has a series of new features which include:

  • Ability to record and convert webinars to video
  • Remote Control/Assistance
  • Ability to create surveys
  • Ability to anonymize participants
  • Possibility to change meeting control

What is really new about them is that all of this is based on WebRTC. In fact, 3CX says this “was not possible until now” and is the reason why its claim of being the only IP PBX vendor to offer a fully integrated and clientless Web conferencing solution really is a market differentiator. 

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Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX said: “3CX’s innovative use of WebRTC allows us to deliver plugin free video conferencing for all. Video conferencing has been plagued by proprietary standards, high pricing and subsequently adoption has been limited. 3CX changes all that”.

With everyone looking for where WebRTC is going to find a sweet spot for going mainstream in the enterprise, the answers are beginning to come to market fast and furious as exemplified by this one from 3CX. In short, despite early detractors, WebRTC may not fit the definition of “disruptive” but it certainly is transformative and it won’t be long before it becomes foundational as the means in which we communicate in real time both personally and professionally.   

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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