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Mozilla Adds WebRTC, More Collaboration and Personalization with Firefox 39 Release

July 06, 2015

Mozilla has unveiled version 39 of Firefox with a number of noteworthy updates, including a social media sharing capability enabled through WebRTC. The latest version also improves personalization and includes a number of additional new features designed to facilitate content sharing among users.

Perhaps the biggest change in the latest release is the integration of Firefox Share into Firefox Hello, providing users with an easy way to share Web content links on social media. Supported services include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as others. Firefox Hello has been developed in beta with Mozilla partner Telefonica using the WebRTC standard, which makes it a simple in-browser video chat tool that doesn’t require additional software downloads, accounts or tools.

Firefox Hello also enables screen sharing of browser tabs or application windows during video conversations, allowing users to collaborate on documents, watch videos together or share a shopping experience. Friends, family members and coworkers may invite one another to a video call by sharing a link via social networking or email, including a new Yahoo Mail integration feature.

The other main upgrade in the new version of Firefox is additional personalization and control, with the goal of promoting openness and innovation. Firefox Accounts has been updated to offer more personalization by connecting to Firefox Sync for data access, which includes passwords, bookmarks and history. Sync may be used across desktop and Android devices along with Firefox for iOS, which is due to be released later in the year.

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Firefox Accounts also offers personalization through integration with Firefox Hello, including a new feature that works with the Pocket save-for-later solution, which is now a Firefox service rather than an Add-on. The offering lets users save articles, videos and websites for reading or viewing later, in one central location.

Additional upgrades in the new version of Firefox include an update to Firefox Developer Edition with new performance tools that facilitate the building of interactive websites and applications.

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