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TeamFON Releases Web Meeting Hosted Videoconferencing Platform

July 09, 2015

Cloud-based telephone system provider TeamFON recently announced the launch of its new, browser-based videoconferencing software, Web Meeting.

This new product uses WebRTC and the cloud to make conferencing possible through any compliant Web browser and reachable from any location. Therefore, it does not require specialized hardware or software for use yet can still process encrypted audio and video connections from both desktop and mobile devices.

TeamFON reported that it has based this new product on Veeting Room which offers a similar product in white-label form. This means that TeamFON could take Veeting Room as a base and transform it into an entirely new, branded product for resale to its own client base. Thomas Weiss, the managing director at TeamFON, provided a general comment on that partnership and product availability for his customers.

“Since our company's beginnings in 2005, we have bet on cloud based telecommunications solutions and established ourselves as a leader in the field,” Weiss said. “Veeting Rooms with its innovative approach and use of WebRTC standards is the perfect fit for our product line. Now our clients can get together easily in virtual meetings.”

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Fabian Bernhard, the CEO of Veeting AG, confirmed that TeamFON had taken advantage of the Veeting Room platform. It was through that platform that Web Meeting came into being, and it was that platform which made creation of Web Meeting a possibility with little in-house development. The while label product comes as a fully-functional unit, so there is only cosmetic tweaks and function customization that becomes necessary before an official launch.

TeamFON now offers Web Meeting as an on-demand product that it hosts from enterprise servers in Munich. From there, its clients can access the videoconferencing services as they wish in accordance with their selected tiers of service.

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