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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Comcast, Mozilla, TeamFON, Everything Voice, Unify

July 11, 2015

In this week's roundup of WebRTC Solutions news, Comcast made a showing with its new iOS/Android app Xfinity Share, Mozilla added even more content sharing features to the latest release of Firefox, TeamFON released its Web Meeting hosted videoconferencing platform, and Everything Voice adopted Unify's Circuit unified communications platform.

First up is Comcast and its dive into the world of streaming video. With its new Xfinity Share app, users can send live video streams and photos to their X1 set-top boxes for immediate sharing with friends and family. Anyone who has access to those in-home boxes will be able to experience events with mobile users as they happen. Franklyn Athias, the senior vice president of IP communications services at Comcast, said his company chose WebRTC to complete these tasks because it is “scalable, flexible, and interoperable.”

Mozilla is no stranger to this field of study. Its Firefox Web browser has supported WebRTC since its early days, and now Firefox 39 will receive even more real-time communication functionality with support for social media sharing in Firefox Hello. That audio/video chat portal, based in WebRTC of course, will now have access to Firefox Share for simple transfer of links and other data in which chat participants may be interested. Users will also have the option of screen sharing through Firefox Hello so they can do everything from collaborate on documents to watch videos together.

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TeamFON also recently entered videoconferencing with the release of its Web Meeting platform that it based on the white label Veeting Rooms. Web Meeting uses Web browsers to facilitate communication of audio and video; therefore, it is not tied to any single piece of hardware or software. Enterprises can access the TeamFON cloud-based system from anywhere and on any device with a compliant browser. What was once a basic conferencing product from Veeting AG has become a branded TeamFON product that seeks to make virtual meetings easy.

Finally, this week came with news that Everything Voice had adopted the Unify Circuit UC software. Though Everything Voice supplies UC services to its customers, it needed an in-house communications platform for its own employees. It reached out to Unify and gained voice, video, presence, instant messaging, and mobility features that users can access from any suitable browser. Everything Voice already reports improved communication between it employees.

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