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TokBox, Deloitte Report Highlights Ways Videoconferencing is Transforming Business

July 15, 2015

Videoconferencing technology doesn’t just mean video chats; it is opening up whole new ways to do business, according to a report issued by TokBox and Deloitte Digital.

"As companies become increasingly global and flexible, many are looking at how to evolve their communications to help people make valuable connections within the specific context of what they are trying to achieve,” TokBox CEO Scott Lomond said.

As a developer of a major videoconferencing platform, OpenTok, TokBox isn’t really a disinterested party, yet it’s true that easy videoconferencing allows for different styles of working.

One major development the report mentions is “See What I See.” Workers at a remote site such as a construction project can show what’s happening to stakeholders in real time, wherever they happen to be. It also allows experts to offer solutions to problems remotely.

The ability for people to get in touch, whether through email, instant messaging or video will help them solve problems much more quickly and easily, no matter how spread out they are geographically.

Cheap, easy-to-use videoconferencing also allows people to have quicker, more informal meetings between major meetings. This lets teams build an informal trust that helps them get things done easily. One of the biggest reasons for using videoconferencing is its costs savings over travel. The ability to collaborate without having to book hotels and plane tickets is an obvious boost to productivity for remote teams.

WebRTC looks poised to make it even easier, since most of the major modern browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera support it. Microsoft has made promises to support Internet Explorer, but with the browser being phased out with the release of Windows 10 in favor of the Spartan browser, it’s not clear if that will happen.

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WebRTC is a clear open standard for multi-platform, multi-device conferencing, and many businesses can’t adopt it fast enough.

"This very goal-oriented approach means that businesses are now looking for communications solutions that are flexible, mobile, and integrated, that deliver efficiency, help project teams make better decisions, and manage multiple temporary relationships. These solutions are increasingly integrated into workflow, projects or customer relationship management applications, where video in many cases is the ideal ingredient to enhance functionality," Lomond said.

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