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Drum's ShareAnywhere Beats the WebRTC Drum

July 16, 2015

You may not know them, but U.K.-based Drum (with the catchy URL www.thisisdrum.com) is making some noise in the web meetings area with its new product ShareAnywhere. A division of telecoms software solutions provider NetDev Limited, Drum’s ShareAnywhere is designed to provide Web meetings embedded into websites and portals. It is a significant enhancement of the company’s original Drum Web Meetings, which provides a dashboard environment for Web meetings based around cloud-based WebRTC-enabled technologies.  

With ShareAnywhere Drum now has a comprehensive set of real-time communications and collaboration functionality which now includes:

  • Embed:  One line of code allows embedding of ShareAnywhere into a website or portal meaning having instant meetings without any downloads or system requirements.
  • Web audio and video: Drum uses WebRTC to provide browser based audio and video However, since WebRTC compatibility is browser dependant dial in with any phone is supported.
  • Waiting room: All guests are placed into a waiting room when the meeting has either not begun or is locked. Guests can either be evicted or entered into the meeting.
  • Present:  As the name implies this is a fully-featured document presentation capability.
  • Collaborate: Real-time document sharing, annotation and screen sharing.
  • Replay:  All meeting activity is stored and recorded. The host has the opportunity to share this at the end of the meeting with the meeting attendees.

The other interesting thing about the product is the target customers. While we keep hearing about technologies where one size does not fit all,

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this is not the case here.  Potential customers span the range from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)—including one-person shops—seeking context-rich and more meaningful real-time customer interactions to the other end of the spectrum where large customer management services can derive significant value-added.

In promoting its solution, Drum really does bang the drum for WebRTC-enabled capabilities.  It says that: “ShareAnywhere is a web meeting solution which can be embedded into any website or portal. Drum now takes your web meetings from a third party supplier and places that directly into your branded experience. Stop directing colleagues and clients to an external service. Keep your sales calls and team meetings within your brand.”

What impressed me in visiting the Drum website was not just the use cases provided and the industry verticals they cover, but also the ability to try the live demo. The reason is a test drive illustrates the ease-of-use of WebRTC based on the simplicity involved in creating a live meeting. 

Finally, if you are visiting the company website, the blog by Drum’s Laurence Chandler, WebRTC is not a threat to traditional Telco’s, is food for thought. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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