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ACS Partners with Acision to Enhance WhichApp with WebRTC

July 22, 2015

Asset Consulting Services (ACS) is known for its development of the WhichApp real-time messaging mobile app. More than 700,000 people have used the service to send private messages, and with the release of WhichApp Now in May 2015, those users have had access to real-time video that a partnership with Acision has made possible.

ACS teamed up with Acision, a developer of WebRTC technologies for mobile devices, to take advantage of its forge software development kit. WhichApp Now, as a result, has moved beyond text and into the realm of video that Stefano Galizia, the co-founder and CTO of ACS, says is a simple yet stable part of its application.

“For the first time, real-time, live streaming is being integrated into our chat app,” Galizia said. “forge by Acision has enabled us to launch WhichApp Now service, providing new ways for our users to share experiences and intimate moments, which is innovative and instantaneous. After looking at a number of rich communication SDKs on the market, we selected forge because of its secure technology, as well as its inherent stability and simplicity of integration into our service.”

The initial release of the new product this past May showed that the addition of video could boost subscriber levels to those which the company may not have thought possible. It saw nearly double the number of downloads in the first 30 days following its release.

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That boost in downloads speaks to the power of WebRTC and the public demand for real-time communication apps that work well. Talk of mobile capabilities has taken focus at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, and research has predicted significant growth of the overall real-time communications market through the latter part of this decade.

Consumers and businesses clearly want this type of tool in their arsenal. For consumers with apps such as WhichApp, they can speak to friends and family members in text or video depending on the convenience of either mode of communication in a situation. For businesses, WebRTC represents an easy way to use Web browsers for all manner of interaction with customers.

WhichApp will reportedly soon contain features for group chats and voice/video conferencing. It is also pushing forward with its Ghost Chat feature that shares an image or text for a limited period of time and then deletes the contents.

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