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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Avaya, Bitphone, NTT Communication, FreeConference

August 01, 2015

WebRTC Solutions news this week covers Avaya's new product for emergency responders, Bitphone's pay-as-you-go phone plans, NTT Communication's addition of speech recognition to its API, and FreeConference's work to lower calling costs in the U.K.

This week, Avaya announced that its new iLoc8 mobile application for 911 responders will make its way to Lakewood, N.J. iLoc8 will use WebRTC and HTML5 to make the connection between callers and dispatchers possible with any mobile device. TMC notes that the system is able to do more than facilitate calls. It is based in data transmission, so dispatchers will also be able to send critical information such as printed instructions or videos about how to complete CPR. Similarly, callers will be able to better describe a medical situation through all the tools that WebRTC offers.

Of course, WebRTC is more than a channel for emergency calls. Bitphone is using the technology to connect people with pay-as-you-go phone plans, and it is using Bitcoin as its payment medium. Users can refrain from registering from an account or can make themselves a permanent member with a persistent account balance. Registered users will also get a consistent caller identification number and, reportedly, a discount on the rate that Bitphone charges per call.

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Bitphone is a relatively small company, and they represent many other startups that are making their way onto the scene. Large enterprises also have a stake in the market, and Japan's NTT Communications may be the representative for that pack. It recently announced the launch of WebRTC-based speech recognition in its SkyWay API. Programmers can use JavaScript to use the API which will make it available across multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Microsoft Edge should also play a big part as Windows 10 continues its rollout.

Finally this week, FreeConference.co.uk, which has only been on the scene with its free conference calling service since 2014, announced has joined “03” numbers in the U.K. Dial-in numbers in the U.K. begin with various codes, and FreeConference has attached its FreeConference service to the 03 type of dial-in as an alternative to 08. The company said this change targets small and midsize businesses that may otherwise have found the 08 dial-in to be costly. It also noted that it serves about one billion minutes a year. That many minutes will certainly equal a glut of savings with cheaper dial-ins for anyone involved.

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