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NewVoiceMedia launches ContactWorld QuickStart for SMBs

August 06, 2015

For members of the WebRTC Solutions Community it will not come as a surprise that contact centers continue to be the low-hanging fruit for WebRTC-based new services. An example of this is the announcement from cloud-based customer experience solutions provider NewVoiceMedia which has launched ContactWorld QuickStart for the SMB market.

So often in looking at customer interactions the focus tends to be on inbound capabilities and on the needs of large enterprises. However, realities of cloud technology adoption, reflected in the move to the cloud by small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) of their contact centers, are that this has been the market sweet spot. And, WebRTC-enablement is making for even more compelling use cases. This includes making life easier on the outbound side of things, specifically for sales and service employees.

It is this population of frontline customer interaction personnel that are the targets for ContactWorld QuickStart. The customer contact solution offers the fundamental call features, is available for up to ten users, and NewVoiceMedia provides customers with all numbers, minutes and hardware required to implement the service.

Since this is aimed at sales professionals, it almost goes without saying that integration with their other customer interaction tools is a requirement.  On this score, ContactWorld QuickStart is integrated with Salesforce and Desk.com, and QuickStart offers a single user interface which removes the separation between voice and CRM as the vehicle for giving sales people better insights into the customer journey.

Where WebRTC comes in is that all of this is done directly from a browser which means interactions can be done easily from anywhere and at any time. This is in addition to such important features as click-to-dial and call recording and easy call routing.

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As is the case these days with new offerings, NewVoiceMedia has also launched ContactWorld QuickStart Plus. This enhanced version includes all the features of QuickStart, with the plus being the addition of screen-pops and call control which includes hold, transfer and conferencing functions. The solution supports up to 25 users.

“We are excited to launch ContactWorld QuickStart to help SMBs sell more and serve better to accelerate growth and stay ahead of the competition,” comments Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “Our solution will help both sales and service teams get the most out of their CRM investment and think big even if they’re just getting started.”

As has been noted previously, WebRTC as a tool for enhancing the customer experience is a perfect application. This goes not just for contact centers but for sales and marketing as well.  

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