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VeriShow for Salesforce: Integration for Enhancing Customer Interactions

August 27, 2015

For frequent visitors to the WebRTC Solutions Community, it might seem sometimes that the only hotbed of WebRTC implementations is for enhancing contact centers.  And, while this is not the case, the fact that in-browser multiple media real-time interactions for customer facing employees, i.e. contact center agents and sales people, is clearly a place where WebRTC can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction as well as the bottom line.

An example of using WebRTC to create significant value-added for enterprises comes from HBR Labs via its VeriShow customer interactions WebRTC-enabled platform. The company recently released VeriShow release 6.0 which includes a new HTML5-based customer experience and support of WebRTC video chat recording.  The company is now rightfully promoting its integration with Salesforce.

The VeriShow live engagement plug-in for Salesforce integrates the VeriShow platform with Salesforce’s Live Agent chat platform. In addition, for co-browsing, VeriShow’s co-browsing API also integrates smoothly with Live Agent solution; and its ability to integrate Document Share capabilities with Live Agent.

Integrating the VeriShow platform with Salesforce Live agent leads to increased customer intimacy and by giving agents who now have access to detailed information about the customer journey the abilities to:  assist customers while browsing their site, support customers while sharing documents, show a real person who the customer can better relate to, and through screen and document sharing help in real-time the completion of what many times are complex and confusing forms. 

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VeriShow integration with Salesforce is cited as offering the following benefits:

  • Higher conversion rates– by adding video chat, conversion rate can increase by 30 percent over text chat and by adding content share and co-browsing capabilities, there can be additional 50 percent increase over text chat.
  • Increased agent productivity– The co-browsing capability enables resolution of customer issues in real time, which creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty. Furthermore, the direct interactions with customer screens allow the agents to navigate and control the customer session from start to finish. Plus, the VeriShow co-browsing capabilities allow customers while sharing screens with agents to selectively hide sensitive data.

The word “personalization” is one that has become almost a mantra as contact centers deploy real-time omnichannel interaction capabilities to enhance customer engagement. In fact, it is noted in the announcement of the new capabilities that Aberdeen Group’s recent research study, Co-Browsing in Customer Service: The Path to Just-in-Time Customer Engagement says there can be instant benefit from using co-browsing and screen-sharing technologies that can help clarifies context and content to customers when needed.

While WebRTC is an enabling technology, its value is already being demonstrated in the form of increased monetization resulting from more personalized interactions with customers.  It is why contact centers will continue to be ones that grab the headlines regarding early adopters of WebRTC. It is also why integrations with CRM capabilities are also going to be critical components of solutions providers seeking to help their customers become more customer-centric. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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