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Switch Releases Video Calling Beta

September 11, 2015

Switch develops a business phone system for Google Apps. It allows enterprise users to have a single work-based phone number for all their devices—everything from desktop to mobile—to make it easy for customers and associates to reach them. The company's latest announcement regards its release of video calling to enhance that access even more.

At the moment, video calling in Switch only sits in the beta stage. However, beta testers will have their eyes full with HD-quality video that means to make conversations clear and simple. The Switch team, in its own blog post, has this to say:

“While voice remains the primary method of communication for many businesses, specific situations -- such as interviews or meetings with remote co-workers -- can be improved by adding a more personal element to the conversation.

“Video enhances our cloud-based phone system with instant, one-to-one, HD video conversation capability -- adding that much more immediacy, efficiency, and clarity to your business communications with a simple click.”

Like the rest of the Switch platform, video calling will rely on WebRTC to allow for communication between Web browsers. It has pointed out in a previous writing that its business phone system grew from the Google Cloud Platform and used WebRTC to conquer many of the problems businesses had with their legacy systems. Namely, businesses wanted their communications platforms to support desktop and mobile, and they wanted them to access associates on any operating system made for those devices.

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Web browsers, and therefore WebRTC with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, bridge that gap. All told, those browsers have releases for desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows) and mobile devices (Android, iOS). Switch makes use of Chrome, which is available on that hardware, and runs in the cloud to take advantage of immediate optimization of users calls. Furthermore, the Switch company can develop new releases, such as this beta test for video, on a single platform (Chrome) for a single communications technology (WebRTC) to maintain a consistent user experience.

Switch now seeks user feedback from beta testers to make its product even better. In perhaps less than a year, if all goes well, users could see this new feature brought into full production.

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