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NetFortris WebRTC-Enabled Cloud-Based Videoconferencing and Desktop Collaboration Solution

September 17, 2015

NetFortris is continuing to demonstrate its expertise in cloud-based voice and data networking solutions with the launch of NetFortris Business Collaboration. This new offering combines WebRTC-support for high-quality video conferencing capabilities with desktop collaboration tools. It integrates seamlessly with NetFortris Business UC, the company’s unified communications (UC) platform, and provides distributed teams with the tools they need to collaborate effectively while substantially reducing many of the drawbacks usually associated with traditional videoconferencing solutions.

“Workplace collaboration no longer requires a central meeting place,” commented Grant Evans, CEO of NetFortris. “Our hosted collaboration solution brings teams together with high-performance, ultra HD video conferencing. Now distributed teams can connect, share ideas and meet any time with one simple click. This is the next level of communications and we're very excited about the productivity and efficiency it will bring to our customers.”

Some of the benefits cited include the fact that on-demand multi-point videoconferencing can support up to eight users, whereas IP conference calls can support as many as twenty. Simplicity is also a plus as users can invite others with just a simple link, and once in the call it is possible to switch between multiple streams of shared content while controlling video, voice and chat through customizable privacy settings.

Because the system is hosted entirely in the NetFortris Cloud, videoconferencing with NetFortis Business Collaboration requires very little bandwidth and no custom hardware. HD video and voice communications are enabled by the NetFortris MPLS network, the public Internet and a secure wireless infrastructure. In addition, the software can run in any WebRTC-enabled browser on any device that runs the Windows, Mac, iOS or Android operating system, seamlessly transitioning between Wi-Fi and 4G if the user is on the move.

Workers across the board are more likely to be on the move these days and cloud-based solution are increasingly important as businesses are able to distribute operations more strategically without being tied to a particular geographic location. Enabling remote and mobile users to be able to collaborate in real-time is thus and imperative which is why solutions like this one from NetFortris are becoming essential.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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