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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: 1Stream, NetFortris, Cisco, TMC

September 19, 2015

This week in WebRTC Solutions news, the industry caught hold of contact center environments, videoconferencing, and video compression. 1Stream, NetFortris, and several other industry giants have been making gains in all these areas. In addition, TMC has joined several partners who will host and sponsor an upcoming WebRTC conference in Beijing this November.

Beginning with 1Stream and contact centers, its release announcement this week for Platform 2.5 should have many mobile-minded companies looking 1Stream's way. Platform 2.5, contact center software that handles a number of modes of communication, uses WebRTC to handle these connections. As long as customers have the Web address to their chosen brand, they can reach out to customer service representatives through voice and video for all their needs. Representatives can even share documents with customers through a data connection made across Web browsers.

NetFortris's release of its Business Collaboration software, on the other hand, targets mostly inter-office communication. It handles videoconferencing connections with WebRTC and attaches directly to the company's Business UC collaboration software. This hosted product makes it simple for as many as 20 business users to connect with one another from inside or outside the office. It enables high-definition video for each participant and handles much of the bandwidth concerns in the NetFortris Cloud.

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Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix – the range of industry giants mentioned above – are looking to another aspect of WebRTC: licensing. The current H.264 codec and its successor H.265, which promises greater performance than the former, work well, but they also create headaches for business that use those codecs for commercial purposes. Fees for use of H.265 scaled to $1.70 per unit cost – about 16 times that of H.264, says Cisco's Jonathan Rosenberg. The list of giants here hope to create a royalty-free codec that will be easier on everyone.

Many other companies and independent developers have their sights set on WebRTC. Whether they want to address contact centers or codecs, they may have their chance to show their stuff at an upcoming industry conference. TMC will join Agora Lab, PKE Consulting, and Systemwide Media as sponsors of a Beijing conference that will take place Nov. 10-11. Phil Edholm, a representative from PKE Consulting, commented on the broad issue at hand: “WebRTC deployments are growing and companies are stepping up to provide innovative products and services to support this trend. We are excited to announce the Real Time Web Solutions Conference in China and we look forward to learning from global RTC leaders.”

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