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Sinch Asks Expert Community about Future of WebRTC

October 07, 2015

You might have read WebRTC in 2015 and why Apple will never join the party from Sinch's Developer Evangelist Chief, Christian, published on ProgrammableWeb a few weeks back. Based on the response from that posting, Sinch decided to reach out to the WebRTC community, and really expand on the bold statement and find out if other experts agreed.

They reached out to 24 top WebRTC experts and influencers, to discuss the future of WebRTC in 2015.

They asked them the following questions:

  • Will the future of desktop WebRTC calling be in desktop apps or browsers?
  • Is interoperability like Matrix.org required to get mass adoption of consumer calling on the web?
  • Is mass adoption in consumer calling more important than B2B use cases?

The exclusive contributions came from Roar Hagen, Tsahi Levent-Levi, Phil Edholm and 19 more top WebRTC names.

A Quick Summary

In a nutshell, here is a short breakdown of the general opinion among the experts: 

Here are some of the key points we can take out of the WebRTC expert roundup:

  • The future of WebRTC will be in browser based apps.
  • Projects like Matrix.org are not a key issue right now and they are not necessary for mass consumer adoption of WebRTC.
  • Both B2B and Consumer use cases are key for WebRTC.
  • Communication will follow a “prosumer” model, where more and more users bring non-enterprise apps into the workplace for communication.
  • Chrome based apps and HTML5 are going to be key for real-time communication developers in the future.

To read the full article with all 24 experts, head to the Sinch WebRTC Expert Roundup

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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