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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Dialogic, PubNub, Speakfree, Sinch, Ovum, LiveOps

October 10, 2015

This week in WebRTC Solutions news: Dialogic announced the release of its PowerMedia XMS 3.0 server, PubNub and Speakfree offer communications services to refugees, Sinch discusses the future of WebRTC, and Ovum names LiveOps as a cloud contact center market leader.

First up is Dialogic. The launch of its PowerMedia multimedia server comes with support for “2,000 simultaneous voice and 450 video sessions at once,” reports TMC. Users can also now take advantage of its support for WebRTC. Instead of downloading proprietary software to access the media server, all users need is a WebRTC-compatible browser. PowerMedia has also expanded the server’s recording capabilities – adding support for HTTP file transfer and fax.

PubNub is now offering Speakfree access to its data stream network that will allow Speakfree app users to share text, photos, and video. The companies’ main target is humanitarian organization, non-governmental organization, and individual refugees who have been displaced from their original homes. One of the main benefits of using Speakfree is the fact that it can translate messages into English, French, Arabic, Urdu, and Dari, so many groups can access the same information without having to worry about language barriers.

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Sinch recently provided an expert community of WebRTC enthusiasts with answers to their most pressing WebRTC market questions. What those enthusiasts received was an overwhelming set of opinions about the possible future of that communications protocol. Overall, Sinch indicated that it thinks the future of WebRTC will exist in browser-based apps. Both consumers and businesses will have a high stake in WebRTC as it continues to expand. Individuals will end up brining non-enterprise apps into the workplace to complete their communications. And Chrome-based apps and HTML5 will play an important role in this development.

Live Ops is helping expand the use of WebRTC in the enterprise call center with its Engage platform. For this and other reasons, Ovum has named it a leader in the contact center market. The contact center market has a lot of players, so every company needs to differentiate itself from the whole. Live Ops is trying to make itself unique by leveraging the power of WebRTC to give businesses access to voice, email, Web chat, and social media – all within a single user dashboard.

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