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Intel Releases Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v2.8

October 12, 2015

It is getting hard to keep up with all of the things developers of WebRTC solutions can and should be paying attention to.  It is one of the areas this community likes to stay current on, since things are moving fast.  A case in point is the recent release by Intel Collaboration Suite (CS) for WebRTC v2.8.

The highlights of the release include:

  • Intel CS for WebRTC Conference Server – enables not only P2P style communication, but also efficient WebRTC-based video conference.
  • Intel CS for WebRTC Gateway Server for SIP – provides the WebRTC connectivity into SIP conferences.
  • Intel CS for WebRTC Client SDK – allows you to develop WebRTC apps using JavaScript APIs, Android native apps using Java APIs, or iOS native apps using Objective-C APIs.

If you are in fact a developer, you need to bookmark the Intel Collaboration Suite (CS) for WebRTC homepage for your growing collection of valuable links in the exploding WebRTC ecosystem. 

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The site’s an interesting place to get valuable information on the entire Intel CS for WebRTC Suite, which includes: Client SDK for JavaScript, Client SDK for Android, Client SDK for iOS, WebRTC Conference Server, and the WebRTC Gateway.

What is particular useful, since I believe replication is actually a high form of flattery and many of the greatest new mouse traps are built after noticing things that could use some tweaking, is the Success Stories part of the site. 

For frequent visitors to the WebRTC Solutions Community, at the risk of sounding repetitious, you know I have a fascination with how WebRTC deployments by service providers and enterprises are dispelling early skepticism that WebRTC was a fad and not a game-changer.  In this regard, the yeapoo example cited is worth visiting the link and getting the translation. I bring this up as our community, based on the impressive traffic we receive on a daily basis, is a terrific place to get visibility for your success and I urge readers to send their WebRTC successes so we can all share them. After all, success loves company. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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