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TokBox Shows Benefits of Embedded Real-Time Communications for Education

October 14, 2015

TokBox, a delivery model for education that no longer requires students to be present in classrooms, is going to demonstrate its applications at the 21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference held October 14-16 in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to highlighting the application of its technology for embedded real-time communications in education and enterprise training, the company will showcase several startups and organizations with asynchronous learning that can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection.

Asynchronous learning describes education, instruction, and learning that doesn’t take place in the same location or time. And this is made possible with the current information and communications technologies available to us today. The instructional interactions can be delivered through email exchanges, online discussion boards, course-management system, pre-recorded lectures and many other variations.

However, TokBox is using real-time communications solutions, in its case WebRTC, as the driving platform for delivering educational services. The company will be demonstrating the capability of this technology by highlighting what Chegg Tutors, Proctor Exam and Kubi Robots have accomplished.

All three startups have embedded real-time video, voice, messaging and screen sharing communications into their offering to deliver an interactive learning experience that is as good as the real thing. This was made possible with OpenTok, a global cloud platform for embedding rich media experiences into websites and mobile applications. In addition to education, TokBox also is addressing many other industries, including healthcare, financial services, customer service, gaming, media and entertainment, broadcasting and others.

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One of the startups TokBox highlighted is Chegg Tutors, a connected online learning solution that provides help and tutoring on virtually every subject imaginable all the way to the collegiate level. Whether you want help in learning how to speak Akkadian, cryptography, computer science, medicine or your SAT, this platform delivers.

According to the company, 85 percent of students who use the service report better grades, lower their stress level and complete their assignments faster. Chegg gives every student at least 30 minutes of free online tutoring so you can see for yourself how effective it is. 

“There is a revolution happening in education where real-time communications are transforming e-learning from the once passive consumption of digital content, to rich dynamic multi-party environments. With the rise of WebRTC, it's now possible to bring the interactive experience of a classroom to every smart user. TokBox is proud to be part of this new era in learning and excited to attend an event that champions innovation in education,” said TokBox CTO Badri Rajasekar.

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