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Zendesk Adds LiveOps Telephony, Contact Center Capability to Operations

October 14, 2015

It's usually good news when a company—particularly one like Zendesk—adds options on to previous releases. So it should prove a welcome development that Zendesk turned to LiveOps to add telephony capability to Zendesk's operations, providing an even more functional contact center option to the field.

The new addition gives Zendesk users access to a set of call management tools, including such valuable items as intelligent inbound call routing that can help send customers to the best contact center representative for the job, helping to make sure customers get the best shot at first-call resolution. Further, users also get access to call flow checklists, call-back systems for those dropped calls that crop up every so often, activity alerts, call transfer systems, conference calling, and a set of dashboards to help keep it all in line more readily.

Better yet, the system supports mobility in a great new way; all users need is a headset, a reliable Internet connection, and this system to be able to take calls from anywhere. The LiveOps system can work with a browser that uses Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) to let users dial directly to a PC. That means that traditional public branch exchange (PBX) phones are no longer a necessity, as calls can be delivered to any number that can be conventionally dialed. Those interested in adding LiveOps capability to Zendesk can do so right now by visiting the Zendesk Apps Marketplace.

LiveOps' CEO, Vasili Triant, commented, “We are continually innovating to deliver the most flexible cloud-based contact center solution in the market, with a wealth of functionality and connection options. With this new app, users can tailor the combination of these two market-leading technologies to streamline operations while improving your customers’ overall experience.”

While Zendesk was already a sharp addition to almost any operation's call center capabilities, bringing in LiveOps' capabilities should only expand on that. WebRTC is increasingly becoming a major asset in contact centers, thanks to its ability to offer contact from just about anywhere—great for those who want home-based contact centers and the savings and morale boosts that often come with them—so seeing Zendesk bring such functionality into play makes sense. The additional capabilities to do things like route callers to the right representative or to tie in customer experience management tools can further provide benefits to the customer base. That means a better overall customer experience and increased chances of repeat business.

It's still early days for such programs, but Zendesk may have taken the first step into a new generation with the addition of LiveOps capability. This could prove to be a great move both for Zendesk and for its users, and that's seldom a bad position to be in. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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