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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Intel, VoiceNation, TokBox, Zendesk, LiveOps

October 12, 2015

This week in WebRTC Solutions news, Intel announced the latest release of its Collaboration Suite for WebRTC, VoiceNation showed off its live answering software, TokBox confirmed its participation in an upcoming education conference, and Zendesk noted its inclusion of LiveOps telephony and contact center to its operations.

First comes Intel. Updates to its WebRTC Collaboration Suite include a new peer-to-peer style of videoconferencing in its conference server, improved connectivity to SIP conferences through its Gateway Server for SIP, and release of a client software development kit that gives developers the ability to write WebRTC apps with JavaScript, Android native apps with Java, and iOS native apps with Objective C. According to TMC, Intel’s Collaboration Suite homepage is one to watch as part of the growing WebRTC market.

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WebRTC is not only meant for the business world; it can also benefit education. TokBox announced its participation in the 21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference that took place this week. Primarily, the company intended to speak about how WebRTC can enable asynchronous learning to take place from anywhere with an Internet connection. Through email, discussion boards, video recordings, and other mediums, instructors can complete lesson plans and engage with their students at various parts of a day. Teachers, for instance, can assign work in the morning, expect their students to complete it by the afternoon, and then respond to their concerns throughout the evening. At any time, any individual in the chain can work with the provided information and complete their assignments at their own pace.

Lastly this week, Zendesk announced that it has begun using LiveOps telephony for its call center operations. Customers who contact Zendesk will now be sent through an intelligent call routing tool, which should lead customers to the proper representatives. For those agents, LiveOps also offers call-back systems to address dropped calls, call transfer capability, and conference calling all within a single dashboard. LiveOps uses WebRTC for its communications, so Zendesk agents can access all those features from within their Web browsers.

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