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Mitel Announces Strategic Vision for Mobile-First World

October 20, 2015

In order to address the growing mobile-first world, global communications company Mitel has announced its strategic vision for how it can help businesses eliminate the barriers between their own networks and separate mobile networks, which can find assistance in cloud computing.

In particular, Mitel has addressed the potential of the real-time cloud to help power mobile services, the importance of software-based 4G networks in voice calling, and the necessity of a technology accelerator that can help bring new mobile applications to market more quickly. Rich McBee the CEO and president of Mitel, commented on the daily routine of most enterprise employees and how that informs the nature of business and its reliance on mobile.

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“For many of us, the first thing we do in the morning is check our mobile,” McBee said. “Increasingly, everyday business communications are initiated on a handheld device rather than a desk phone or PC. Using mobile as our entry point, Mitel is leveraging rapid advances in cloud and 4G LTE mobile capabilities to give businesses and consumers better access to the mobile, collaboration, and information tools they demand.”

Mitel cites a Webtorials survey when it comments that more than 80 percent of businesses do not have their enterprise networks linked to mobile networks. As a start, the use of a real-time cloud can allow mobile service providers to link to such enterprise networks and give employees access to voice, video, and collaboration tools. Businesses of all sized can begin to benefit from those tools as they realize the ease of use it can bring to everyday operations.

4G mobile networks play a strong role. They offer the speed and functionality customers desire. This includes offering services such as voice-over-WiFi and a basis in software-defined networking. 4G gives businesses the opportunity to tie their software-driven networks into their mobile networks like it has not been possible before.

Finally, Mitel has initiated a new business technology accelerator that combines the efforts of Mitel professionals, outside developers, and customers. Together, they can work together to develop and test new mobile-facing products that can, through the accelerator, make it to market more quickly than if any group tackled such ventures alone.

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