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Sococo Connects Remote Employees with Virtual Office

October 29, 2015

Sococo has announced a new program to help remote employees connect to each other easily.

“Employee disengagement will plague distributed teams and impact productivity if businesses overlook the importance of creating an environment in which employees feel connected and valued,” said Cliff Pollan, Sococo CEO. “Whether employees are minutes apart, cities apart, or even countries apart, Sococo achieves what is possible in a physical office, encouraging individuals to get to know their colleagues and learn about their passions and skill-sets. With an enhanced sense of belonging, distributed teams are empowered to work smarter and more cohesively, which improves both corporate culture and the business bottom line.”

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Sococo attempts to recreate a physical office, showing employee names in a virtual office space. Users can hold meetings in these virtual offices through videoconferencing. The browser-based program shows which employees are meeting in which rooms. As with other messaging systems, Sococo users can use presence to indicate whether they’re available for meetings or busy.

While it’s perfectly possible to have distributed team workers communicate through existing means, such as email, it’s often an isolated experience. It can be difficult to build relationships with colleagues when they’re spread out across the globe.

 Sococo attempts to give a more collaborative user experience, which users able to drop in and chat as they can in a physical office. Since it’s browser-based, it doesn’t really matter what software people have on their computers, as long as they’re running a reasonably modern browser. Users could even work on lightweight Chromebooks if they don’t need a full desktop PC.

Sococo is priced with a free “starter” edition and a $15 per user per month version. The latter features a custom number of offices with a custom number of break-out rooms supporting 25 users in one room at once. The free version only supports four offices with one break-out room and four people in a room.

"Being a virtual business is great, but as we kept growing it got harder to build and sustain relationships among the team,” Jay Baer, president at Convince and Convert, said. “Sococo fixed that for us. We know each other better now and we get more work done, faster. And it cut email volume too. With Sococo, distance is irrelevant."

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