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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Agora, Sococo, Future Market Insights, BroadSoft, Oracle, Apple

October 31, 2015

WebRTC Solutions news this week includes product announcements and reports from Agora, Sococo, Future Market Insights, BroadSoft, Oracle, and Apple.

Beginning with Agora, a communications-as-a-service provider, the company recently announced that it will publish its WebRTC manual in Chinese. Authors Dr. Alan B. Johnston and Dr. Daniel C. Burnett of the book, “WebRTC: APIs and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web,” printed its third edition in 2014. Now, with help from Agora, the authors will make it available to developers in China. The CEO of Agora, Tony Zhou, commented that his company was pleased to offer this expert manual to a new, wide expanse of interested companies and individual developers.

Using WebRTC as its primary medium of connection, Sococo has released its new program to help remote employees connect with one another. The browser-based software tries to mimic the effect of a real office by highlighting employee names in the dashboard and during videoconferences. It also utilizes presence to give employees a sense of whether or not their fellow staff are available.

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The effect of WebRTC comes in pretty clear. Many reports expect the market to continue to grow through the end of this decade, and Future Market Insights takes this prediction one step further by assuming a 45.2 percent compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2025. It’s research paper, “Web Real-time Communication (RTC) Solution Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2015-2025,” shows that the market could begin to show services taking the place of actual products (likely as the cloud continues to gain traction) and that videoconferencing will show dominance above all other application types – at a projected 50.3 percent share by 2025.

While videoconferencing may continue to show its importance as a medium of connection, it is, by no means, the only player in the field. Voice, instant messaging, email, and other mediums still exist, and BroadSoft and Oracle mean to make connections with those mediums much easier. A recent partnership between the pair will make available the BroadSoft UC-One voice, video, and WebRTC data sharing play nice with the Oracle Unified Communications Suite instant messaging, presence, and calendar tools. A single interface will join those parts for both mobile and desktop users.

Last up this week, a recent blog post at TheNewDialtone asserts that WebRTC could be more influential at Apple than one might suspect. Although the computing giant has allowed WebRTC to seemingly exist without its caring, the blogger, Amir Zmora, points out that iOS and OS X could greatly benefit from cooperation with the real-time communications protocol. The latest job posting on the Apple site, for “WebKit Media Engineer – WebRTC,” may offer some hints about the company’s intentions for the future. Although this glimmer of hope is, at present, just a space for speculation, it could prove to be the time when Apple’s jump into WebRTC actually began.

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