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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Masergy, Crosswalk Project, Microsoft, OpenWebRTC

November 14, 2015

A number of product releases mark the WebRTC Solutions landscape this week. Contributors to those marks include Masergy, Crosswalk Project, Microsoft, and OpenWebRTC, which offers a blog post abou the state of browser support for WebRTC.

Masergy began this week with talk about its new Virtual Meeting Room. This cloud-based video conferencing software makes sure that businesses can easily get up and running. There is no software for enterprises to download and no account registration necessary for users. Participants can enter conferences from any device at any location; they can even use multiple devices in the same conference without upsetting the flow of the whole meeting. In addition, it offers file sharing, presence, and instant messaging capability.

When it comes to building projects that work across multiple operating systems and devices, the task has not been easy. Crosswalk Project is trying to make it a little simpler with its new development platform that allows developers to build Web application capabilites into Windows desktop programs -- all with the use of JavaScript. Crosswalk Project supports a number of graphical and communications protocols such as WebGL and WebRTC. Although the project is in the early stages of its own development -- according to TMC, Crosswalk Project warns of some glitches -- this type of briding platform could see widespread use for developers who want to create consistent user experiences across multiple programs and devices.

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Microsoft is now reaching further into the Web with the new Skype Share button. Similar to Facebook and Twitter share buttons that are widespread across the Web, Skype Share will allow users to easily send links to their Skype contacts. It is unclear which sites will first adopt the new button. However, Microsoft's motivations show up a bit clearer: it wants ubiquity in the realm of social media. This button is a way of advertising and also a way of spreading the message that Skype is a good way to connect with friends.

Finally this week, a blog post at OpenWebRTC has brought to light a glaring problem in the world of real-time communications: There is a lack of native browser support. To be frank, Apple is the culprit here. For that reason, OpenWebRTC has released its latest iOS software development kit (SDK) that gives Apple developers the ability handle WebRTC functions and speak to other browsers that have native support for the communications protocol. The new SDK addresses which camera (on mobile) that users have active. For users that switch camera views during a conversation, this addition can be a lifesaver -- at least a headache saver.

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