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WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: webrtcHacks, ECT, Blue Jeans, TokBox

November 21, 2015

This week at WebRTC Solutions, there was talk about privacy in communications at webrtcHacks, service provision from ECT Technology to a Scandanavian telecom, extension of the Blue Jeans network, and collaboration between TokBox and Fox Sports.

As TMC rightly states, there is hardly an application on the market that does not come with privacy concerns. Even the most secure products can keep its users wondering: Am I really secure? Well, WebRTC is no stranger to that sort of questioning, and as the webrtcHacks blog noted this week, it has come under fire recently for its interaction with Google Chrome. Chrome now caches certificates for 30 days, which has people wondering whether or not special cookies could grab their information tied to WebRTC-based conversations. Even after a lot of speculation, however, the general consensus is that the potential for risk here is not as bad as it may seem. Chrome is acting normally, and its Incognito mode could keep patrons even more secure.

Security risks are likely a primary concern for enterprises as well. But that does not seem to be halting adoption. ECT, also known as European Computer Telecoms AG, recently announced that it will now supply an unnamed Scandinavian telecom with its INtellECT WebRTC software that will give the telecom the ability to offers its customers voice and video calling through their Web browsers. Users may even take advantage of video conferencing and recording through the same software offering from the telecom.

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Blue Jeans, a provider of videoconferencing software, also made headlines this week when it spoke about the growing capabilities of Blue Jeans 3.0. The company’s mission is reportedly to make video as easy to use as audio, and it will be partnering with services such as Slack and Canvas to make its conferencing platform even better. Furthermore, it has integrated WebRTC support, so employees can make use of Blue Jeans directly in their Web browsers. Part of the big recent announcement regards Blue Jeans customers’ feedback that has urged the company to include texting, simplification of meeting spaces, and integration with products such as Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook. It appears Blue Jeans is listening.

Although Blue Jeans and other have many users who leverage the capabilities of the same platform, some deployments are meant for just one client. TokBox has reached out to Fox Sports to provide it with a unique interactive broadcasting software called Spotlight. This will enable Fox Sports to embed interactive shows onto its website. It debuted this past week at Fox Sports Huddle, a weekly college football chat program. Its capabilities of adding interactive features to video – without forcing users to install extraneous plugins – can give fans a whole new look at the future of video entertainment.

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