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Doing Away With Your Company Phone Number

December 10, 2015

Even with all of the new advancements in customer service, the lasting image of helping out consumers is a contact center with a listed phone number, filled with agents talking customers through their issues. Yes, verbal communication is still the most popular and effective means of providing customer service, but new innovations in WebRTC technology are here to help cut costs while maintaining effectiveness.

Instead of shelling out monthly phone bills and paying for the upkeep of clunky telephone infrastructure, WebRTC technologies are now making it possible for companies to replace their phone number with a web address, or URL. Thus, customer service representatives can use either their desktop or mobile devices on an Internet connection to communicate with customers.

Any customer with an internet-connected device and a microphone and speakers (all mobile devices and laptops and most desktops) would be able to communicate with a representative directly over their internet connection. Furthermore, getting in contact would be easier than ever: instead of making people search for a 10 digit phone number, organizations can simply include a “Click to call” button on their website which, when clicked, would immediately establish a connection.

By integrating voice communication into a website, organizations can dramatically increase their efficiency. For example, one popular addition to this web-based calling service is to direct callers to a form prior to establishing the verbal connection. Here, they would be asked to provide information about themselves and the nature of their call. The agent could receive this information and have a good understanding of what the call is in reference to before a word is even uttered. This both increases the speed of the call and limits the possibility of errors in communication.

Companies that integrate WebRTC solutions into the verbal communications with customers, especially in the customer service arena, can expect to see direct monetary savings as well as the indirect ones that come from increased speed and efficiency. Moving from traditional phone systems to web based calling is a viable option for organizations to consider. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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