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Iskratel to offer Veeting Rooms WebRTC Service

January 20, 2016

Iskratel, a telecommunications company that serves areas of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, recently announced that it has partnered with Veeting Rooms. This collaboration will see Veeting Rooms’ cloud-based WebRTC service work as an Iskratel unified communications (UC) product for the benefit of customers across those regions.

This announcement is reflective of the move by service providers to white-label Web service capabilities such as Veeting Rooms. Iskratel will use the online service to host its own clients’ videoconferences and document shares while allowing Veeting Rooms access to markets it may not have otherwise reached. Bojan Kriz, head of the Multimedia Solutions department at Iskratel, commented on this joint venture and the ways in which clients can use the new unified communications offering.

“Veeting Rooms is a future-proof collaboration platform that gives business users an opportunity to boost their efficiency and productivity with enriched communications,” Kriz said. “We believe that the product enhances Iskratel Unified Communications (UC) solution by providing new value-added services for which end users are willing to pay. Iskratel UC can be either hosted or offered as a SaaS from the Iskratel cloud.”

Fabian Bernhard, the CEO of Veeting Rooms, also added his two cents by noting that this is the first partnership it has entered that gives it access to the stated European and Asian markets. This could be a jumping-off point for the company as it continue to extend its reach and make a name for itself with a host of new customers.

Veeting Rooms has been working as a WebRTC services provider for a few years. While other companies such as Avaya and Cisco target large enterprises, this startup has managed to do well by addressing the needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

For its part, Iskratel has focused on the development of LTE and software-defined networking (SDN) as ways forward with mobile devices and the upgrading of telecommunications infrastructure. There is no doubt that WebRTC plays a strong role in communications across those networks, a role that many new customers may experience here shortly.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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